CES 2024 day 3: 11 awesome gadgets you need to see

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Update: We're now diving into CES 2024 day 4, and there are 7 more incredible gadgets that you can't afford to miss out on.

We may be heading into day 3 of CES 2024, but those announcements aren’t slowing down. If anything, they may have sped up a bit as the show goes on. So if you thought keeping up with the previous waves of news were big enough, you better not pack away your surfing gear just yet. 

Recent news out of Las Vegas covers the topic of AI assistants in the palm of your hand, a variety of earbuds, updates from Google, a MagSafe analog for iPads and so much more. Here are 11 new products at CES 2024 that you should know about. 

Rabbit R1 

Rabbit R1

(Image credit: Future)

AI is everywhere at CES, but the Rabbit R1 might be one of our favorite uses of artificial intelligence at the show. Rather than adding AI to existing devices, the R1 is a small pocketable gizmo that functions as an assistant in a box — though it offers a lot more than a traditional AI assistant.

The idea here is that the Rabbit R1 pairs a Large Language Model (used by Google Bard, ChatGPT and their rivals) with a Large Action Model — which lets it understand what you’re saying and do something about it. Ordering food, booking Ubers, developing holiday itineraries and things like that. It can help you with things other than cheating on your homework, basically.

And honestly, that’s the kind of barrier AI needs to break if it wants to make itself more than just a gimmick.

Amazfit Helio Smart Ring 

Amazfit Helio Ring

(Image credit: Future)

There’s another smart ring on the way, and it’s not likely to be the last. The Amazfit Helio Ring could give the Oura Ring some serious competition judging from our own hands-on time at CES 2024

The idea here is that the Helio Ring tracks your health in the background, a little bit less intrusively than a fitness tracker or smartwatch. On its own the ring can monitor heart rate, sleep, electrodermal activity, blood oxygen, stress and other things. The ring can work in conjunction with Amazfit fitness trackers too, offering extra fitness tips and recovery advice. 

The Helio Ring is made from a titanium alloy, is just 2.6mm thick up to 10ATM of water resistance and weighs under 4 grams. Two sizes, 10 and 12 will launch this Spring, with a smaller version in the near future. No word on pricing yet, though.

Withings BeamO 

Withings BeamO four-in-one health tracker.

(Image credit: Withings)

If you’re feeling under the weather, but don’t want to visit the doctor in case it’s something minor, then the Withings BeamO 4-in-1 health monitor might be worth a try. That way you can at least get an idea of whether your condition is as minor as you suspect, or if a trip to the doctor should be on the cards. I can imagine that’s pretty useful if you’ve got kids who may or may not be pretending to try and get out of school.

This monitor is about the size of the TV remote and is able to measure body temperature, blood oxygen saturation, medical-grade ECG readings and functions as a stethoscope. Those readings are logged in the Withings app, where they can then be shared with a qualified medical professional. It can even be used during remote consultations, with the ability to stream data directly to your doctor.

The Withings BeamO should arrive this summer, for the lofty price of $250, but the exact date will all depend on getting FDA approval for all these health-monitoring features.

Sennheiser Momentum Sport

Sennheiser Momentum Sport earbuds

(Image credit: Sennheiser)

How do you make your sports headphone stand out from the legions of competitors vying for consumers’ cash? You could add health tracking into the mix, though Sennheiser has taken it a step further by ensuring the new Momnentum Sport earbuds link up to your favorite fitness apps. So no need to add even more health tracking software to your phone..

Once stuck into your ears both buds are capable of tracking body temperature and heart rate in real time, before beaming it to your chosen fitness app. Including the likes of Apple Health, Garmin Connect, Strava, Polar Flow and others. It sounds like it’ll also be able to link to the Polar Vantage V3 smartwatch and beam those health metrics to your wrist too.

Other specs include IP55 water and dust resistance, a “clog resistant” ear tip design, 6 hours of battery life, plus a charging case with three full charges and the ability to restore 45 minutes of power in just 10 minutes.

Plugable AMS-STAND for iPad

Plugable AMS-STAND

(Image credit: Plugable)

The iPad sorely needs MagSafe for a variety of reasons, and Plugable may have the answer to those woes. It’s not MagSafe, it’s just a magnetic stand without any charging capabilities. Though it may be the next best thing to keep us going until Apple bothers to add magnetic charging to its tablet range.

The stands are compatible with 11 and 13-inch iPads, and are constructed out of aluminum alloy with a silicone padding. So this should look pretty smart on your desktop, or whatever else you want to keep your iPad. The magnetic panel swivels by 360-degrees, while the arm offers 180-degrees of movement.

Both 11 and 13-inch stands are on sale now for $79.95, with an extra $5 off to commemorate the launch.

The TP-Link Archer GE800 at CES 2024

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

TP-Link just unveiled its first Wi-Fi 7 gaming router at CES 2024, the Archer GE800. This is a router that takes full advantage of the high speeds Wi-Fi 7 has to offer, alongside a special feature — a dedicated gaming port. The idea being that plugging a gaming PC into this port means that this traffic will be prioritized over everything else on the network.

So that should mean your gaming sessions won’t be interrupted because someone decided to to start streaming 4K HDR video. 

The GE800 also features four antennas hidden in its side wings, RGB lighting (this is a gaming router after all), four 2.5 Gbps ethernet ports, a pair of 10Gbps ports and a USB-C port. Pricing hasn’t been revealed just yet, but the Archer GE800 will be arriving at some point later this year.

Samsung SmartThings Map View 

Samsung Smart Things Map View app

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung just announced a smart home feature so simple, and equally ingenious, that we’re surprised it isn’t more commonly available. The new SmartThings Map will offer you an interactive map of your home, and show you where all your smart home gadgets are — letting you monitor and control them a lot more easily.

It’s certainly a heck of a lot more aesthetically appealing than a list of devices, that’s for sure. The SmartThings Map has a 3D view of your home’s floorplan, and you can drag and drop icons to the exact spot each of your connected devices lives. LiDAR equipped Samsung devices will be able to generate a floorplan automatically, and the map will be available from Samsung screens — like TVs and smart fridges.

Plus access to the map is sharable with guests via a QR code, which is a heck of a lot easier than giving them full access to your accounts.

HP Sprocket Photobooth 

HP Sprocket Photobooth

(Image credit: Future)

There are plenty of ink-free photo printers out there, including HP’s Sprocket collection, but what if you didn’t need to suffer the pain of using your phone as a middle-man? That’s the point of the HP Sprocket Photobooth, a fully-integrated system that lets you take, edit and print out photos wherever you may be.

It’s larger than the best instant cameras, around the size of a coffee machine, but the Sprocket Photobooth does offer a little bit more functionality in the process. But its portable nature means you could take it to new places, like parties or events, and let people create their own photos and memories. You will have to pay $449 when the HP Sprocket photobooth launches in Q3 of this year, but it’s a heck of a lot more cost effective than renting something similar.

EV support for Google Maps and Android Auto

Google Android Auto

(Image credit: Google)

Google Maps will be getting a feature electric car owners have been asking for for years — battery and charging support. In the near future EVs with Android Auto will be able to share battery information with Google Maps in real time. That way Google Maps can estimate how much battery you’ll have throughout your journey and prompt you to the nearest compatible charger if necessary.

Crucially this won’t be exclusive to cars with Android Automotive — Google’s bespoke version of Android made just for cars. The announcement specifically says Android Auto, which is the car system that runs off your phone. The only downside is it’ll have to roll out on a car by car basis, starting with the Ford Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning at some point in “the coming months”. 

Casio G-Shock Rangeman HPR-1000

G-Shock Rangeman GPR-H1000.

(Image credit: Casio)

If you find smartwatches are far too fragile then the Casio G-Shock Rangeman GPR-H1000 might be more to your taste. This is certainly not the sleekest-looking watch, with its chunky yellow casing, but it’s clearly designed for outdoor use rather than stylish events. And that design ensures the watch is resistant to mud, sand and water up to 200 meters — plus shock resistance and impact protection.

Sensor-wise you’re looking at all new GPS and heart rate monitoring, alongside existing features that offer compass bearings, altitude, barometric pressure and temperature sensing. Like many other smartwatches there’s also notification support, sleep tracking, a find my phone option and wellness exercises. The battery lasts around 14 hours with GPS and heart rate switched on or two months without. 

The G-Shock Rangeman GPR-H1000 is available to pre-order ahead of a January 20 release date, and will set you back $500.

XGIMI Horizon Max Projector

XGIMI Horizon Max CES 2024 reveal

(Image credit: XGIMI)

If you believe some of the big filmmakers, IMAX is the best way to watch a movie — which normally poses a problem for home viewing. Fortunately that may change, with the world’s first long-throw IMAX-certified projector, the Horizon Max from XGIMI.

This is a 4K projector offering 3,100 lumens of brightness and a 2000:1 contrast ratio as well as features designed to automatically optimize the projected image based on the space it’s in. So there’s no need to try and figure out the perfect combination of positioning and settings by yourself. The downside is that it’s all but guaranteed to be expensive, even if official pricing details (or a release date) haven’t been announced yet.

Honorable mentions

Victrola Stream Sapphire with wireless speakers

(Image credit: Victrola)

Naturally there’s still a lot going on at CES, and we don’t have time to cover it all. These honorable mentions include the Victrola Stream Sapphire Wi-Fi record player that’s able to stream vinyl playback in a bunch of different ways. Wi-Fi, ethernet, AirPlay. Chomecast and more all with support for 14-bit/48Hz lossless FLAC audio.

Sennheiser also revealed the Momentum True Wireless 4 earbuds. Which look like they could be one of the best audiophile earbuds of the year after they arrive in February. Over-ear enthusiasts will also be happy to hear about the Sennheiser Accentum Plus headphones, which offer a few features we wish the regular Accentum cans had launched with last year.

Google has also confirmed a bunch of smaller changes, including expansion of Fast Pair, Chromecast support for the TikTok app, Audio casting support to Pixel Tablet and the merging of Nearby Share with Samsung QuickShare — which will utilize the latter’s name.

Check out our CES 2024 hub for all the latest news from the show as it happens. Follow the Tom’s Guide team in Las Vegas as we cover everything AI, as well as the best new TVs, laptops, fitness gear, wearables and smart home gadgets at the show.And be sure to check out the Tom's Guide TikTok channel for all the newest videos from CES!

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