Forget fitness trackers — Sennheiser's new sport earbuds track your heart rate through your ears

Woman wearing the Sennheiser MOMENTUM Sport earbuds
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Sennheiser’s newly-released MOMENTUM Sport earbuds combine the company’s high-end audio tech with fitness tracking sensors. You can listen to your favorite motivational playlist or podcast, and track your heart rate and body temperature all using a single device.

Like many of the best workout headphones, they have small wings designed to sit comfortably and firmly inside your ear to stop them from falling out mid-exercise. So they resemble the Beats Fit Pro more than the Jabra Elite 8 Active, which stays in place due to the brand’s ShakeGrip materials and design.

As you’d expect, the MOMENTUM Sport are designed to give “vivid sound and impressive bass,” but the most exciting features are the heart rate and body temperature tracking sensors. These two metrics are essential for helping you get in the right training zone to get the most from your workout.

You don't have to wait around to pick up a pair either, as the Sennheiser MOMENTUM Sport earbuds are available right now for $329 at Amazon, and come in three colors; olive, graphite, and black. 

Sennheiser MOMENTUM Sport earbuds: $329 @ Amazon

Sennheiser MOMENTUM Sport earbuds: $329 @ Amazon
These durable gym headphones are designed for high-intensity workouts powered by high-quality audio. The buds can measure your heart rate and body temperature, sync the data to Apple Health and Garmin Connect, and are the first non-Polar device to sync real-time data to Polar Flow and the Polar Vantage V3 smartwatch.

The data syncs to Apple Health, Google Fit, Strava, Peloton, and Garmin Connect, so you can combine it with your fitness tracker’s recordings to get a more comprehensive view of your training. And, in an apparent first for a non-Polar product, the MOMENTUM Sport syncs up with the Polar Flow training app.

Out of the box, you can also see real-time heart rate and temperature data on the Polar Vantage V3 watch, and the earbuds support Polar’s training and navigation features. If you’re already embedded in the brand’s ecosystem, the MOMENTUM buds seem like a no-brainer.

The MOMENTUM Sport earbuds are IP55-rated for sweat and splash resistance, so they’ll survive high-intensity workouts, though if you plan on all-weather outdoor runs, you’d be better off with a dedicated water-resistant set of running headphones.

But unless you plan to train in a downpour, the MOMENTUM Sport still make a great companion for outside exercise. The buds have air ventilation to keep things comfortable, and the semi-open design with a transparency mode means that you can still keep track of your surroundings.

But the feature I’m most interested in is the tap gestures. Most workout earbuds rely on buttons or touch gestures to pause or play, adjust the volume, and change tracks. The MOMENTUM Sport also use touch gestures, but you don’t actually have to make contact with the buds.

So, if you’re wearing gloves or have cold fingers, you can double-tap your cheek to pause a track instead, thanks to a clever pairing of infrared and sensors and accelerometers. This should make them a lot more accessible when you’re working out, and allow you to focus on your training.

Stay tuned for a full review of the Sennheiser MOMENTUM Sport earbuds.

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