Apple Watch 6 will launch alongside cheap new Apple Watch 'SE'

Apple Watch Series 3
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It’s looking very likely that a cheap ‘Apple Watch SE’ will launch alongside the Apple Watch 6 this fall. 

We’ve already heard rumors of a cheaper Apple Watch on its way. But sources familiar with Apple’s autumnal launch plans have told Bloomberg that a budget take on the Apple Watch is coming alongside a successor to the Apple Watch Series 5.

The Apple Watch SE (as we'll call it for now) is expected to only come in an Aluminium model, and will have the new S6 and W4 chips expected in the Apple Watch 6, as well as 16GB of storage space and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. While the Apple Watch 6 is expected to use an optical sensor on its side, the Apple Watch SE is tipped to retain the Digital Crown that’s been part of the Apple Watch since its genesis. 

While the Apple Watch 6 is set to be a premium smartwatch designed to go alongside the iPhone 12 range, the Apple Watch SE is likely to be targeted as a compliment to the new iPhone SE. And it could be positioned as a smartwatch to take on fitness-centric wearables from the likes of Fitbit and Garmin. 

Apple appears set to release more budget-orientated devices this fall, with it also expected to reveal a smaller and cheaper HomePod that will have less speakers than the £299/$299 Apple HomePod

Bloomberg also reported that Apple will launch the iPad Air 4 this fall, with the tablet getting the edge-to-edge display design of the iPad Pro 2020. There was also mention of an Apple TV device that will come with improved gaming features and an upgraded remote control, though it's not expected to arrive until next year. 

When exactly all these devices will be launched has yet to be made clear. We’re expecting the iPhone 12 range to make its debut in September or October, with the Apple Watch 6 likely alongside it. So Apple could reveal the above devices in one major showcase or spread the announcements out across the fall. 

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