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Apple AirPods Studio release date leak just revealed bad news

airpods studio
(Image credit: Jon Prosser/@CConceptCreator)

Some were banking on AirPods Studio — Apple’s first over ear wireless headphones — to make their debut during last week’s iPhone 12 event. The headphones were, of course, a no show, and according to one leaker they may not materialize for a long time.

According to Jon Prosser, an Apple leaker who has a mixed track record, a “major hiccup in AirPods Studio production” means that “a few key features” have now been abandoned. 

“Technically, this means that (if everything goes smoothly and no further issues arise) they could still announce in November and ship in December,” he added. “But it’s also just as likely that B515 (AirPods Studio) don’t see release until March 2021.”

Another product that won’t be getting updated this year, according to Prosser: Apple TV. When asked if a new model was coming, he was pretty direct: “There is no new Apple TV coming until next year.” That’s something of a surprise, as back in May Prosser stated that a A12-powered Apple TV 4K “could drop any time”

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But it’s not all bad news in terms of delays. AirTags, Apple’s location tracking answer to Tile, is said to be on track and ready to roll at any time. “With AirPods Studio now being pushed back, it now looks like Apple is going to launch AirTags after all,” Prosser tweeted. “Currently, they’re on schedule to be released with iOS 14.3 (iOS 14.3 will contain features enabled for AirTags) and iOS 14.3 is supposed to be next month.” 

Adding that AirTags are “done & ready”, Prosser said that it now comes down to when Apple thinks is the right time to announce them. “I think Tim is just doing spin the bottle to pick launch dates,” he later quipped.

It’s possible, then, that AirTags will appear on November 17, the date when the first Apple Silicon MacBooks are rumored to be launched. Another possibility is that Apple will just launch AirTags via press release, but that feels less likely to us. 

This is, after all, a whole new product type for the company, and while everyone understands the rationale behind a refreshed MacBook or iPad, AirTags will probably require some kind of on-stage demo to show their full potential. We shall see.

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