Android 14 could launch alongside Pixel 8 — what we know

The Android 14 logo on a Google Pixel 7
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We all know that the Google Pixel 8 is set to be unveiled tomorrow (October 4), and that the phones will be running Android 14. The problem is that we don’t know exactly when Android 14 will be officially released, and when the public version will roll out to other Pixel devices. Though one new rumor potential gives us an idea.

Canadian mobile carrier Telus has a page of when various phones can expect software updates, and that page held references to an "Android U" — which is one of the alternate names for Android 14. Apparently that page claimed that the new software would be coming to Pixel devices on October 4.

That information has since been removed, likely because Google hasn’t made any official announcements about Android 14’s release. But an October 4 launch would make perfect sense considering there is a big Google event taking place that day

Announcing the release of Android 14 on stage, rather than in a press release, is a little bit more impressive. Not to mention the fact the Pixel 8 is pretty-much guaranteed to released with Android 14 already installed.

It also means that every Pixel owner gets something from the event, regardless of whether they’re planning to buy the newly-announced hardware. Though as Telus notes, it may take a few weeks to roll out to everyone — especially anyone running an older Pixel device.

Of course we have to take this revelation with a grain of salt. Telus’s update page claimed that the Pixel 4a would be getting Android 14 as well. To the best of our knowledge, which is based on what Google has been telling us for years, the Pixel 4a stopped getting Android update support earlier this year — and was not eligible to join the Android 14 beta.

The Pixel 4a 5G is a different matter, on account of it releasing a few months after the Pixel 4a. That phone should still be getting Android 14, but the fact it was listed as a distinct device on Telus’s page means this isn’t a mistake based on the two phones having almost the same name.

It’s odd that Google has waited so long to release Android 14, considering the software usually arrives well in advance of the Pixel launch. Rumor is the update was originally scheduled to go out on September 5, but Google apparently made a last-minute decision to push everything back to October. It’s not clear why, but if those rumors are true then it’s likely that there was some last minute hiccup that needed fixing before the rollout could begin.

While we wait for some kind of announcement on Android 14’s official release, you can catch up on all the new features and upgrades over in our Android 14 hub. And be sure to check out our Made by Google event preview for the rundown on everything we expect to see — including the Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel Watch 2.

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