Android 14 Beta 3 available to developers right now — here’s what’s new

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Moving ever closer to a final build, developers now have access to the Android 14 Beta 3 release. While this third release is still technically a part of the beta build, it’s now moved into the "Platform Stability" stage, which will let the build their apps with confidence. Basically, this will better prepare apps for compatibility ahead of the final release of Android 14.

This should be a welcomed update, considering how previous builds were riddled with bugs. Similar to those other releases, this latest build continues to focus on features for developers – rather than end users.

One of the biggest additions with the Android 14 Beta 3 is that the system will support font scaling up to 200% by default. For those with visual impairments, this will allow developers to tweak their apps to scale enough for them to see clearly. Doing this shouldn’t impact the app’s usability though, according to Google.

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In helping to strengthen Android’s privacy, this third beta release also gives developers the tools to provide users with permissions to their media content. Specifically, users will have the decision to grant apps partial access to their photos and videos. Apple users are familiar with a similar feature on iPhone ever since iOS 14, but Android users will soon be able to have this same level of control.

Another privacy feature included with the Android 14 Beta 3 is how data is shared with third parties. Users will be able to understand an app’s data sharing practices, including reasons why apps are sharing data and the option to select the app’s data access.

Beyond that, the new beta also packages in OpenJDK 17 updates and other security updates that enhance app experiences. These features aren’t the most polarizing or front facing, but they’re nevertheless necessary to give Android 14 more stability.

Developers enrolled in the Android 14 Beta program should be receiving an OTA (over the air) update on their devices today.

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