Amazon tipped to hold first PS5 restock of 2022 today — here’s what we know

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Amazon has yet to hold a PS5 restock in 2022, but that could change in the coming days. 

While there has been no official word from the online retailer confirming an imminent PS5 restock, various sources are suggesting Amazon could take fresh orders of the in-demand next-gen console as soon as today (January 31). We'll be keeping a close eye on Amazon all week, so check back for updates. 

Amazon PS5 restock (check stock)

PS5: $499 @ Amazon

PS5: $499 @ Amazon
Sony's flagship gaming machine, the PS5 is one of the most in-demand tech products currently available. For good reason: this powerful console boasts 4K visuals, an innovative DualSense controller, and a 4K Blu-ray drive.

PS5 Digital: $399 @ Amazon

PS5 Digital: $399 @ Amazon
The PS5 Digital console lacks a 4K UDH Blu-ray disc drive. As a result, it's slightly thinner than its counterpart. It also sells for $399 ($100 less) and includes a PS5 DualSense controller. 

Reliable stock tracking account has received fresh information that suggests Amazon will have a restock of both the standard PS5 and the even more limited PS5 Digital console later today. According to this rumor, the drop will also be exclusively for Amazon Prime members. Do note, the account is quick to point out that "there is no guarantee" so definitely don't consider this confirmation of a restock.   

This latest update comes after reports from @PS5StockUpdates last week that Amazon was preparing for a sizeable drop in the near future. This would make sense as historically Amazon has held larger but less frequent drops compared to other retailers.

We don’t currently have any reports on the exact date and time of Amazon's next PS5 restock. This is frustrating but not wholly unexpected. Amazon doesn’t generally follow a predictable restock pattern and seems to drop next-gen console stock at random. This makes pinning down the window of a potential Amazon PS5 restock very tricky. 

In mid-2021, Amazon began holding restocks that required a Prime membership to access. Select restocks being held exclusively for Prime members is a trend we expect Amazon to continue in 2022, so it may be worth getting signed up below to ensure you have access to the next Amazon PS5 restock.

As we wait for more information on this Amazon drop, make sure to bookmark our PS5 restock hub. This guide contains all the buying information you need and is regularly updated with the latest restock information, updates, and speculation so you never miss a drop. We can’t guarantee it’ll get you a PS5 but it’ll certainly tip the odds in your favor.

How to get early access to Amazon PS5 restock

Getting early access to Amazon PS5 restocks is pretty simple: sign up for Amazon Prime. For $12.99 a month ($119 annually) you'll get a range of benefits including free shipping and access to the Prime Video streaming service not to mention the all-important priority access to the next PS5 restock. You can sign up below, and there’s even a 30-day free trial of the service available so it won’t cost you anything.  

Amazon Prime: for $119/year

Amazon Prime: for $119/year
Amazon Prime gives shoppers access to free shipping on over 100 million products. It also includes access to services like Prime Video and Prime Music. 

How to buy a PS5 at Amazon 

Amazon PS5 product page

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There isn’t a guaranteed formula for success when it comes to securing a PS5 during an Amazon restock, but there are a few things you can do to tip the odds in your favor. 

Firstly, make sure you have an Amazon account set up ahead of time with your address information and payment details pre-saved. Getting stock in your basket is only half the battle, once you’ve managed that it’s a race to complete check out. If you’re stuck entering your card number and zip code, odds are the console will sell out while you’re typing away. 

There is a slightly odd Amazon trick that has been proven to make checking out with a PS5 easier. By placing the console in your wish list ahead of time when it is restocked you can add to your cart from there. This allows you to bypass the listing page, which practically always crashes due to overwhelming traffic. 

Using this trick you can typically get stock in your basket the minute the restock is live, and that gives you a pretty sizeable advantage over the people who are stuck trying to refresh the actual PS5 listing page in hopes of getting it to work. 

Just make sure you have the PS5 in your wish list ahead of time, as you can still add it even when the console is sold out. Do this well before the restock happens in order to make use of this trick. Trying to add the console to your wish list during a stock drop will usually lead to the website spinning out an error message. 

We tested this method ourselves during an Xbox Series X restock and can confirm that it does in fact work. We managed to get the Series X in our basket four times, whereas we couldn’t get the console in our basket once through the listing page as it kept crashing. 

Also, make sure to keep our guide on PS5 restock bookmarked, as we’ll update it with any additional information on the latest Amazon PS5 restock the minute we get it.

PS5 restock tracker — stores to check

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