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Amazon Black Friday deal takes 50% off 500GB SSD — and it works with PS5

Samsung T5 external SSD
(Image credit: Samsung)

It's nearly impossible to buy a PS5 or Xbox Series X right now, but there's a big Black Friday deal right now that can help you add some storage for all the games you'll be playing. 

Take the Samsung T5 500GB SSD on sale for £89 at Amazon. This compact external solid state drive is an ideal device for backing up precious documents, photos and files. But it can also be used as a form of external storage for the PS5 or Xbox Series X.

Samsung T5 500GB SSD: was £178 now £89.11 @ Amazon
Add 500GB of storage to your PC or console for 50% off. The T5's read/write speeds are faster than traditional external hard disks, and the design is shock resistant. And you can even use it to store more games on your new PS5 and Xbox Series X.  View Deal

Available in black, blue or grey colours, the Samsung T5 500GB SSD is an attractive little device. And at 5.70 x 1.00 x 7.40cm it’s compact enough to pop in your pocket or a slip into a laptop bag, say if you need to transfer large files from a work desktop to a machine you have at home. 

External SSDs are also useful to save media to, and you can then plug them into modern smart TVs to then play back saved movies or videos on a big screen. 

Normally, such 500GB SSDs can cost over £150, but the Samsung T5’s price has been slashed by £89 making it a bargain for anyone that’s been holding out for an affordable SSD. 

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Roland Moore-Colyer

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