What can you use a France VPN for?

What can you use a France VPN for?
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Since people have been using their home internet connections more and more, the popularity of the best VPN services has exploded. By connecting to the internet through a VPN, you can anonymize your internet browsing, improve online security, and access content that isn’t normally available in your country.

You may notice that most providers have multiple VPN servers in different countries. This means you can connect to the internet through a specific country of your choice. So, what’s the benefit of connecting through a France VPN? In this article, we look at the ways that you can use a VPN in France to make the most of the web.

1. Stream geo-blocked content

Some video content on streaming sites like Netflix is exclusive to particular countries, typically because Netflix couldn’t get the rights to stream the content worldwide.

Netflix France is no different. It has around 100 movies and TV shows that you can only view if you’re in France. Examples include In Her Name (Au nom de ma fille), Girlhood (Bande de filles), and The Three Brothers (Les Trois Frères) – all highly rated media that you can only view on Netflix if you’re connecting from within France. So, if you’re not in France, you're out of luck.

However, you can solve this issue by connecting to a VPN server in France. Select a French VPN server from the list of servers in your VPN client. Netflix will now believe that you’re connecting from within France, and you can stream geo-blocked content without issue.

2. Avoid government snooping

In 2015, France passed a controversial bill that gave intelligence agencies sweeping powers to spy on citizens. Labeled the “Big Brother” act by opponents, it gave the country’s secret services the right to eavesdrop on everyone’s internet usage, tap phones and emails, and place keylogging devices on computers without the permission of a judge. 

Internet and phone service providers are required to install sophisticated algorithms that alert the government about suspicious behavior performed online.

Unsurprisingly, many French citizens have looked for ways to keep their privacy online. By connecting to the internet through a VPN service, you can circumvent most of this snooping. Everything that you do online will be encrypted if you use a VPN, so it’s extremely difficult to be spied on.

3. Improve internet security

As we all increasingly perform important duties online, such as access bank accounts and transfer money, there’s more incentive for hackers to monitor our internet access and try to steal our user credentials. Public Wi-Fi, such as the free Wi-Fi that you might find in a coffee shop or library, is notoriously insecure. 

It’s relatively simple for a hacker to spoof the Wi-Fi connection so they can see everything you do online. If they access your email, they can reset your passwords for your online banking, steal your identity, or attempt to send payments from your accounts.

A secure VPN can solve this problem. As long as you’re connecting through a VPN service, all the data that you send and receive will be encrypted. This encryption is virtually impossible to break, so your browsing will be safe.

4. Torrent safely

Torrenting is a popular way to download and share files. It’s legal in France unless you’re downloading and sharing copyrighted material. In 2009, France introduced the HADOPI law, designed to curtail the practice of downloading copyrighted material such as movies, TV, music, books, and software. At first, this law allowed for the suspension of internet access for those who repeatedly infringed copyright laws, but this part of the bill was revoked in 2013 for being disproportionate.

Using a French VPN largely protects you from this legislation. As all your internet traffic is encrypted when you connect through a VPN, it’s difficult for your internet service provider or government to see what you’re doing online at all.

What's the best VPN for people in France?


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