I don’t miss gas powered lawn mowers after using my Greenworks electric mower for a year — and it’s 34% off right now

Greenworks 40V 20-inch Electric Lawn Mower being used to cut lawn.
(Image credit: Greenworks)

One of the best things I did shortly after moving into my first home was choosing an electric lawn mower instead of the gasoline powered ones I used growing up. Since switching last year, I’ve been saving on my monthly electric bill thanks to my Greenworks electric lawn mower. Best of all, Walmart has one that’s 34% off at the moment.

Normally selling for $379, you can get the Greenworks 40V 20-inch Electric Lawn Mower on sale for $249 at Walmart. Not only is it a good deal for anyone looking for an excellent lawn cut this season, but I’m most impressed with the savings I’ve been able to enjoy using it for the last year.

Greenworks 40V 26" Electric Lawn Mower: was $379 now $249 @ Walmart

Greenworks 40V 26" Electric Lawn Mower: was $379 now $249 @ Walmart
With gas prices rising, this Greenworks electric lawn mower can help ease the burden because of its all-electric power. It's also incredibly powerful with its cutting performance, without having the loud noise of typical gas-powered mowers.

How’s that? Well, I haven’t had the need to recharge the battery through normal conventions by plugging it into a wall outlet. I’ve instead leaned on my Anker 535 Portable Power Station ($349 at Amazon) to charge the lawn mower’s battery, which I charge up using a solar panel whenever I can on sunny days. This has been my routine all throughout last spring and summer, so it’s saved me on my monthly electricity bill.

I was initially skeptical about the cutting performance of my Greenworks electric mower, but it’s proven to be just as good as any gas powered one I’ve used. What’s better, though, is how quiet it is while cutting. There’s no loud noise that you typically hear from most gas-powered mowers, so it’s not as much of a distraction.

While it has the option to attach a bag to collect grass clippings, I rarely have to use it because I’m impressed by its mulching performance that cuts grass into small pieces and leaves them over the lawn. I’ve even pushed my Greenworks electric lawn mower through thick sections of grass on my lawn and it clipped them with ease.

Now that spring weather is here, I’ve already put my Greenworks electric lawn mower through its first cut of the season — and it’s still just as good as when I used it on day one. With the help of solar charging, it means that I’ll never have to pay out of pocket again. I don't miss gas, especially when it's rocketed to as much as $3.68 per gallon most recently where I live.

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