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Buy an Amazon microwave for $59, get a free Echo Dot

(Image credit: Amazon)

The AmazonBasics smart microwave was a surprise hit when it came out last year, primarily for its low price. This Cyber Monday, Amazon is bundling the microwave with an Echo Dot for $59. 

AmazonBasics Microwave with Echo Dot for $59.99 @ Amazon.

Get the AmazonBasics microwave and the third-generation Echo Dot for $59.99, a savings of $49.99 if you were to purchase them separately.

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The AmazonBasics microwave is a bit small—it's best for dorm rooms or those who have limited counter space. However, it has a trick up its sleeve: You can control it by voice when you link it to an Alexa smart speaker. For instance, you can say "Alexa, microwave popcorn," and the microwave will cook up a batch of kernels for you. 

However, you'll need an Alexa-enabled smart speaker, and it just so happens that this deal includes an Echo Dot—one of the best smart speakers—for free.