Google: We Saved You From a Draconian Future

During the Day 2 Google I/O conference keynote, Vic Gundotra implied that Android was created to bring an end to the tight grip that Apple has in the mobile market. He wasn't shy about his adversary, painting a grim future that reflects the totalitarian regime in George Orwell's 1984 or even George Lucas' Empire in the Star Wars universe.

"If Google didn't act, it faced a draconian future where one man, one phone, one carrier were our choice," he said. "That's a future we don't want."

His words echoed vice president of engineering Andy Rubin (and former CEO of Android Inc. before it was assimilated by Google) who shared the same dream of rebelling against Apple's dominance. Google even made fun of Apple's 1984-themed ad aired sixteen years ago--which ironically pegged IBM as Big Brother at the time--by throwing up its own 1984-themed banner reading "Not The Future We Want."

"If you believe in openness, if you believe in choice, if you believe in innovation from everyone, then welcome to Android, " Gundotra added. He thus goes into all the features Froyo provides that we've already covered, however you can't help but hear the little jabs here and there at Apple throughout the keynote.

Here's a good example. "There are some [Jobs] who say that users don't use Google Search on smartphones," he said. "Well, we're a company driven by data, and not by opinions." The comment was in retaliation to a statement made by Jobs back in April. He claimed users aren't searching on mobile devices (which is utterly false), but rather are using apps to get to data on the Internet "rather than a generalized search." Jobs didn't offer numbers in his keynote--Gundotra did.

While Google seems intent on taking down Apple, manufacturers are worried that Google may be turning over to the dark side. It's speculated that carriers pulled out of their agreements to offer the Nexus One because of a common fear that Google is gaining too much power. While Apple called IBM Big Brother back in 1984, and Google is now calling Apple Big Brother in 2010, will history eventually repeat itself?

Google I/O Keynote Day 2 Part 1

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  • Abrahm
    I for one would like to thank Google for saving us from an Apple dominated market. I cringe at the thought of what an Apple dominated market would be like after seeing what they have been trying to do without dominating the market.
  • Clintonio
    SmochinaFuck you google and your stupid ass java virtual machine of which you have no idea how to fix to make it stable, remember the answers you give to developers when they ask advices about what not to do prevent the stupid VM from crashing? You have no clue how to at least prevent crashes, let alone fix them, and you want to protect us from apple?. Face it, you are enable to come up with a decent operating system, Android is crap, chrome os is just plain stupid. Fuck you and your big brother future where everybody will be using your cloud.

    Grow up. Android is a wonderful OS. I've seen no issues with it beyond poor programming from developers. That is a result of an open platform, and to be honest, I have no complaints about that.

    I personally think Android is better than the iPhone OS.
  • Abrahm
    SmochinaFine if all you are doing is Hello world "apps"

    Stop blaming Dalvik for your poor coding abilities.
  • Other Comments
  • boogalooelectric
    Wasn't Apples commercial 26 years ago?
  • twisted politiks
    I think Google pulled the Nexus One out because both Verizon and Sprint came out with their own versions of it, which are basically a Nexus One with a different case and a better camera. stupid to think a company would not allow Google to sell their phone, that would only cause the carriers to make less profit.
  • nun
    Google = BB.