The DreamCloud Mattress is always 50% off — here's why it's still the best bed to buy in the 4th of July sales

DreamCloud mattress
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The DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress is an affordable luxury mattress from Resident Home, the reputable company also behind Nectar and Siena mattresses. The bed's excellent value comes from an evergreen sale, where you can always get 50% off the DreamCloud Hybrid at DreamCloud Sleep, with a queen size down to $665. 

The DreamCloud Mattress has been half off since the beginning of the year, but it's still the one of the best budget options you'll find in the sales. It features in this years best mattress guide for its luxe feel for less, and it's a great choice if you want comfortable support. 

So if you're shopping today's 4th of July mattress sales for an affordable luxe bed for under $700 in a queen size, the DreamCloud would be our top pick. Plus, its permanent 50% discount means now is always the right time to buy. 

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress
Was: Now: Saving: 

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress
From $839
Now: From $449
Saving: Up to $1,088 at DreamCloud Sleep

Summary: The DreamCloud mattress our No 1 pick in our best mattress in a box guide. With a pressure relieving but supportive feel, it’s suitable for all sleep positions (especially stomach and back sleepers). Our testers for the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress review found the mattress to be much firmer than DreamCloud's medium-firm rating, so we rank it as a 8/10 on the firmness scale.
Hot sleepers should also find that this mattress sleeps cool thanks to its heat-dispersing gel-infused comfort layer and breathable cashmere cover. Its generous extras also boosts the mattresses' value: a 1-year sleep trial, a lifetime warranty, and a free shipping and returns. However, be are that the edge support isn't the best and those with lighter bodies may take some time getting used to the firm feel. 

Price history: The DreamCloud is 50% off in every size throughout the year, after an extended 40% off holiday sale last year. That means you don’t need to be strategic about when you buy this luxe bed. 

Benefits: 365-night trial | Lifetime warranty | Free shipping and returns

What is a hybrid mattress?

DreamCloud has a line-up of luxury hybrid beds, with the DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress being ranked as one of the best hybrid mattresses this year. A hybrid mattress is a mattress that contains both foam and springs or coils. This means the mattress can combine the soft cushioning of foam with the temperature control and support of springs. Check out our guide to hybrid mattresses for more information about these popular beds. 

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