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9 Ways to Ditch Blu-ray

Bye-Bye Blu-ray?

Luckily, it seems that the future of home entertainment will revolve around discless solutions and the industry will forgo Blu-ray and, eventually, DVD in favor of technologies that let you control what you watch, thanks to the Web.

Some critics claim this can’t happen yet because broadband speeds are still too slow for the vast majority of consumers to make use of the new technologies. But in fact, while you may not want to toss your Blu-ray or DVD gear just yet, you can stream or download programming now if you know which products and services to use—and there are more cropping up every day.

Opting to get your media in non-physical formats is appealing not only because of the potential convenience and space savings, but because these alternatives ultimately could provide 24/7 access to a much broader range of home entertainment titles than we’d ever thought possible.

Below we examine the potential of eight disc-free approaches to home entertainment. None is perfect—it is still not always easy to find the movie or TV show you want when you want it for the price you want it in the format you want it—and some products and services are decidedly better than others, but rest assured there are enough options to get you going.

Sorry, Blu-ray, the heat is on.