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Sony dSLR Concept is on the Nose

Ryan David Francis, an industrial design student at the California College of Arts, thinks he's found a solution to a longtime photography-related problem. Ever tried peeking through a dSLR's viewfinder, only to find you've left oil on the LCD once you pull away?

Francis' proposed solution, a Sony dSLR concept, takes an angular approach. Aside from a less blocky body, the LCD of this mock dSLR tilts towards the front. By situating the display away from the viewfinder plane, Francis hopes to provide enough clearance for the photographer's nose, and provide a more ergonomic way to line up the perfect shot.

Of course, it's easier for photographers to invest in a good wipe cloth and LCD cleaner. Why bother with the new shape, when a few minutes of thorough cleaning will remove any trace of our natural body oil? Is the proposed camera silhouette a time-saving device of sorts, allowing photographers to review settings for the next shot immediately without wiping the LCD?.

Whatever the case, Francis will need to test his ideas by pushing it into the prototype phase. If the new shape does work out, can we expect to see a transition into actual retail? We'll be here to keep you updated if and when that happens.

Ryan David Francis' newfangled dSLR Shape