The 35 Best Google Assistant Skills

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Monica Chin & Mike Prospero

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  • gadgety
    Google Assistant, a big step backwards language wise compared to Google Now. For Android Wear this turns a tool into a toy.
  • katanaguy
    Send a text message to someone ?......Huh?...My Google Asst NOR my Google Home will do this. HOW do I accomplish this?....very interested to learn...something in settings in either one I need to set up or change?....I am very puzzled.

    Please advise me on this and thanks.
  • eugene.weltzerii
    "Testing" responds with
    "Debug ok."
    <some large number>
    "That was weird."
  • eugene.weltzerii
    Try "testing".
  • sharaz.s
    Thanks for the tip, I am really enjoying using google assistant. My 8 year old son is so amazed and crazy about this new feature in my smartphone :)
  • baccusboy
    I just wish they had more English-speaking experts to handle creating English commands in South Korea. It often takes goofy sentences to get results for local Korean info in English, and the grammar is way off. I am a professor at Hansung University, and happy to help Google in any way I can.