25 iOS Tips, Tricks and Secrets You Need to Know

Mail Tips

Want to get more out of the Mail app in iOS? These tips allow you to customize gestures, create special mailboxes, manage draft emails and more.

Alter Mail Swipe Gestures

Mail offers some handy gestures that let you quickly delete emails or mark them as read just by swiping them, but did you know you can actually choose what action is triggered by those gestures?

1. Open Settings.

2. Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

3. Tap Swipe Options under the Mail category.

4. Tap Swipe Left to choose from None, Mark as Read, or Flag; tap Swipe Right to choose from None, Mark as Read, Flag, or Archive.

Add Special Mailboxes in Mail

Everybody uses email a little differently, but iOS's Mail app can seem to take a "my way or the highway" approach. Fortunately, some hidden features allow you to more quickly access certain types of emails, like those that are unread or flagged or ones with attachments.

1. Open Mail.

2. Navigate to the top level Mailboxes screen.

3. Tap Edit.

4. Tap any mailbox for the list that appears to show or hide it, including options for All Drafts, mail in which you are in the To or CC line, those with attachments, and so on.

5. Tap Done when finished.

Quickly Access Email Drafts

Don't want to dig through that Drafts mailbox to find the email you were working on? Mail gives you quick access to all the emails that you've started composing but haven't sent yet.

1. Open Mail.

2. Tap and hold on the Compose icon.

3. Select the draft you want to work on, or tap New Message.

Minimize Your Draft Email

Sometimes you're working on writing an email but want to refer to another message. You can minimize the current message you're composing so you can find those other details, and then return to writing.

1. While composing a new message, drag the title bar down toward the bottom of the screen.

2. Navigate the Mail app as usual.

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3. Tap the minimized title bar at the bottom of the screen when you're ready to return to your message to have it pop back up.

Get Alerts for Certain Email Threads

Many people turn off alerts for email, thanks to the volume of messages they receive. If you follow that practice but still want to be alerted to messages from a certain thread — say, dinner plans — Mail can help you out.

1. Compose an email or a reply to an existing thread.

2. Tap the subject line of the email.

3. Tap the bell icon that appears next to the subject.

4. Tap Notify Me in the popup that appears at the bottom of the screen.

5. To disable, reply to the existing thread, but deselect the bell icon in the subject line.

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  • Johnny_D
    "Use The Timer To Automatically Stop Playing Music"
    BEST TIP I'VE EVER GOTTEN. I've been trying app after app after app looking for a good "sleep timer" feature in it, and it's been here all along.
  • Runebinder
    The timer for music is great, not seen that one before. A really easy way to show desktop sites in Safari is to do a long press on the refresh icon in the address bar, a menu pops up with Request Desktop site and Reload Without Content Blockers.