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iOS 12 Complete Guide: Tips, Tricks and How-Tos for Your iPhone

How to Download Shortcuts

Just because you've downloaded iOS 12 doesn't mean you've got the complete software. Apple's new mobile OS features a new Shortcuts app, in which you can tap into the power of Apple's old Workflow app and the Siri digital assistant to create a single shortcut that automates several app actions.

But scan your newly installed iOS 12, and you might not see Shortcuts. If so, it's time to head to the App Store and download this new tool, so you can start simplifying your mobile experience.

Here's how to find Shortcuts.—Philip Michaels

1. Launch the App Store on your iPhone.

2. Hit the Search tab in the bottom right corner.

3. Type "Shortcuts" into the search bar. If the app doesn't appear, try searching for "Workflow" since that's the previous version.

4. Once you find the Shortcuts app, download it to your iPhone. A splash screen will appear the first time you launch Shortcuts describing the app's features.

One head's up in case you happened to have Workflow already installed on your phone, as I did while running the iOS 12 beta: you may have to reinstall the app to make sure you're running the latest version.

Simply press on the Workflow icon, until all the icons on your home screen start to jiggle and an X appears in the upper corner of the Workflow icon. Tap the X and confirm you want to delete the app. Then repeat the steps above to reinstall Shortcuts. You'll know you have a new version if the icon is updated and the splash screen appears.