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iOS 12 Complete Guide: Tips, Tricks and How-Tos for Your iPhone

How to Use Password Autofill in iOS 12

iOS 12's Password AutoFill feature makes it easier than ever to log into websites, and it even allows third-party password managers.

More good news. iOS 12's keyboard will present AutoFill options for the two-factor-authentication codes companies send to verify your account.

AutoFill works with more than just Apple's iCloud Keychain, as third-party app support includes 1Password, Dashlane and LastPass, which is a lot more third-party app support than Apple usually provides. Plus, to make sure it's actually you signing into these sites, you'll be asked to verify your identity with Face ID or Touch ID.

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This integration is a major upgrade over iOS 11, which required you to tap the Share Sheet button and tap the icon for your password manager to access the Face ID or Touch ID login. Here's how to enable and use Password AutoFill on iOS 12.—Henry T. Casey

1. In Settings, tap on Passwords & Accounts.

2. Tap AutoFill Passwords.

3. Turn AutoFill Passwords on.

4. Tap a password manager to enable it.

5. Visit a site where you have a stored password, and tap the Use button to fill in your account info. In this case, we'll have to perform these steps twice, as Amazon places username and password forms on separate pages.

6. Use Touch ID (or Face ID) to verify your identity.

7. Tap "Use ..." again.

8. Tap Sign In.

9. Tap "From Messages ..." to insert the 2-factor-authentication code sent to your account.

Congrats, you've used AutoFill in iOS 12!