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The I-1 Brings Instant Cameras Into the Future

Some camera makers have found success by reinventing instant film cameras for the digital age. In fact, Fujifilm sold around 5 million of its Instax cameras last year. But when it comes to instant film cred, a small company called The Impossible Project could be the one to watch.

Starting at $300, the I-1 camera is a little pricey, and when it launches May 10, it will have to deal with stiff completion from FujiFilm and Polaroid  that cost half or even a third as much. But then again, the I-1 has some features those other cams don’t have, including a pretty sophisticated LED ring flash and an interesting double exposure mode.

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The I-1 can connect to your smartphone (iOS only for now), so you can play with settings such as shutter speed, aperture and that double exposure mode, while the LED flash can be set to manual or automatic modes, the latter of which uses light and distance sensors to figure out how much light you really need.

And after you snap a pic, that classic Polaroid film will sharing your photos with friends in just a few seconds. You can even shake it like Andre 3000 if you want.

In the sample photos above, the I-1 definitely captures that retro look, and while the double exposure image on the right isn't really my style, I bet it'll be a hit on Instagram, assuming people figure out a good way to upload their photos.