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Phocus Case Lets You Use DSLR Lenses With Your iPhone

For things like daytime shooting, smartphone cameras are becoming more and more efficient at getting the job done. Today's newest smartphones are capable of taking incredible photos out of the box, but some companies have gone even further to create camera attachments. While it isn't the first lens-attaching case for the iPhone, Phocus may be the first iPhone case that allows the attachment of professional-level lenses.

We've seen our share of iPhone cases with their own assortment of lenses, but any photographer can tell you their laughable quality when compared to professional level DSLR lenses from Canon or Nikon. Luckily for all of the hipsters out there with a plethora of DSLR lenses and an iPhone, Phocus attaches right onto the phone letting users upload or email high quality photos immediately.

Casual iphotographers without DSLR equipment can still enjoy the Phocus however, as it comes with its own collection of lenses. The case comes in two options, $100 for a two lens package or $135 for a three lens package. Those looking to attach DSLR lenses to the case will have to pay quite a bit more for the required adapter: $220 for Canon and $245 for Nikon. Everything can be purchased directly from the Phocus store located here.


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