The Galaxy Note 10 May Have Just Leaked (Seriously)


Just a few weeks after the launch of the Galaxy Note 9, a new leak has rumors flying about its next generation. 

Credit: Shaun Lucas/Tom's GuideCredit: Shaun Lucas/Tom's GuideThe leak comes from Twitter user Ice Universe, who has a solid track record when it comes to Samsung leaks. Ice Universe has stated that the new device is known internally at Samsung as "DaVinci." Needless to say, that could mean a number of things -- and Twitter is speculating. 

As Softpedia notes, it could mean the S Pen is getting upgrades, referring to DaVinci's prominence as an artist. We could be looking at a device customized for designers or other creative professionals. 

Perhaps we could also be looking at a larger display that could allow for more artwork space and detail. The Note 9's 6.4-inch display is the largest ever sported by a Samsung device, but it only beats the Note 8's by .1 inches. 

Or, perhaps, the nickname could reveal that the Note 10 will have divers new capabilities. da Vinci was, after all, a Renaissance man, who famously delved into countless fields such as music, engineering, mathematics, literature, cartography and botany, in addition to painting. Perhaps the Note 10 will be a true Renaissance phone, with features we can't yet predict. 

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This is the first rumor to come about concerning the mysterious Note 10. Its predecessor brought more incremental upgrades than bold innovations, including an S Pen that doubles as a remote control, an AI camera, a 4,000 mAh battery and a water carbon fiber cooling system. Perhaps that means Samsung was saving the boldest steps forward for next year -- only time will tell.