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Film Lives on with New FujiFilm INSTAX Cameras

What's the best way to keep your nude selfie from getting stolen online? Shoot it with film instead of digitally. Deep into the era of digital photography, Fujifilm is keeping the analog tradition alive by expanding its INSTAX line of instant film cameras. The INSTAX Wide 300 is a brand-new model selling for $130. In addition, Fujifilm is adding new colors for its INSTAX Mini 8 and Mini 90 models.

Instant film photos, colloquially known as Polaroids, are developed on the spot. No need for a screen, smartphone or added filters – simplicity at its finest. And because you can’t upload your photos directly to the cloud, the only way some creepy malcontent can steal them is to pry them from your tightly clenched hands. Of course, that also means you have to take a photo of your photo in order to share it online.

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Fujifilm’s newest member of the INSTAX line, the $130 INSTAX Wide 300, features a large ergonomic grip, two-range focus ring and ability to shoot large photos of 3.9 x 2.4 inches. Add in a double pack of 20 prints costing $32, and you can have an instant photo party for well under 200 bucks.

Fujifilm isn’t ignoring its other INSTAX cameras either, and will also be releasing new color variations for the INSTAX Mini 8 and Mini 90 models. Both models will be on sale for $100 and use the smaller 3.4 x 2.13-inch INSTAX mini film.

Raspberry and grape will be joining the pastel Mini 8 family of pink, blue, yellow, white and black. Meanwhile Fujifilm is adding a retro-inspired brown-and-silver finish for the Mini 90.

All these new models will be available spring 2015. So while this summer is almost done, Fujifilm is already looking forward to the next.

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