Dell's Axim X30 PDA Combines Old Look, New Features

Configuration Table

Axim X30
Manufacturer Dell
Technical Data
CPU / Clock PXA270 / 312MHz (208MHz)
System Memory 64 MB
Flash-ROM 64 MB
Dimensions 3.03" x 0.59" x 4.60 (4.80)"
77mm x 15mm x 117 (122)mm
Weight 4.93oz / 140g
Resolution 240 x 320 Pixel (QVGA)
Color Depth 65536
Display Size 2.26" x 2.87"
55mm x 73mm
Function buttons 6
Jog dial yes
Loudspeaker yes
Keyboard no
Technology Lithium-Ion
Capacity 950mAh
Backup-Battery yes
Recharge without Docking yes
Compact Flash No
SD/ MMC card yes
Irda/ Bluetooth/ WLAN yes/yes/no
USB yes (Host/Client)
Microphone yes
Audio out yes
Included in package
Power Adaptor yes
OS Pocket PC 2003 SE
Provided Software CityTime, Twopeaks Triptracker, Handmark Monopoly+Scrabble, Resco Picture Viewer
USB Docking-Station no
Protection Case yes (average Quality)


In this review, we mainly wanted to test two things:

Do wMMX-optimized applications really give you a performance edge in practice or is wMMX just marketing chatter? Is the new CPU family PXA27X more power-saving than the predecessor PCA25X?

Therefore, for the test we chose a mix of wMMX-optimized and non-optimized programs.

An updated list with wMMX-optimized applications can be found on Intel's website.

Sisoft Sandra Pro 2004.8.9.131 yes/no
Fraunhofer IIS eval. MPEG4 Player PPC2003 v0.84 yes
PC Professional PPC Benchmark no
Pocket Quake V0.062 beta no
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