Samsung's Big Cyber Monday Galaxy Deal: Get a Free Echo and Echo Spot


Amazon is kicking off Cyber Monday with an absolutely crazy deal

If you purchase an unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9, or Galaxy S9+, you can snag Amazon's Echo Show or Echo and Echo Spot for absolutely free. This is just about the best deal on these Echo devices we've ever seen. Even better, the phones themselves are at their lowest prices of the year. 

For those not familiar with the Echo lineup, the Echo Show is an Alexa-powered display with a 10-inch screen that you can use to watch YouTube videos and live TV, while the Echo Spot and Echo are similar to a touchscreen alarm clock and a basic smart speaker, respectively. 

The devices aren't cheap: The Echo Show's full price is $229, the Echo Spot's price is $129.99, and the Echo's price is $99.99, so getting them for free is a total steal. 

If you're interested in these devices but don't want to buy a Samsung phone, Amazon is also offering significant discounts on all of its Echo devices. 

Be sure to follow our Top Cyber Monday Deals for more bargains. 

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