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Asus' Z9000 Notebook Offers Road Warrior Pretenses

Left Side

Looking at the left side of the Asus Z9000, we will go from left to right. First is the AC adapter plug. Next is the infrared port. Three horizontally placed USB 2.0 ports follow. The USB ports are not stacked on top of each other. Two four-pin FireWire ports are next. The USB and FireWire ports are spaced well enough apart as to make plugging and unplugging easy. A single type II PC Card slot is last.

Back Side

The back side has your customary video ports. On the left side are the Ethernet and Modem ports. On the right side is the Keningston hole for an anti-theft cable lock.

Right Side

The right side has the DVD/CDRW drive and another USB 2.0 port.


As we flip the Asus Z9000 over, one interesting thing is the see-through business card holder. In the upper right corner is the graphics module cover. The center has one of the memory slots. The other is under the keyboard. The bottom right corner has the hard-drive. The bottom left has the battery. Finally, the upper-left has the Wi-Fi module.

All the items can be removed with a small 1mm flathead or Phillips screwdriver.