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Want AirPods? How to Snag Them Before Holidays

If you couldn't get Apple AirPods from Apple's website to ship before the holidays (and that's most people), you may have one last chance. According to a report form MacRumors, the $159 wireless headphones will be sold in Apple's retail stores beginning on Monday, Dec. 19. Additionally, you might have luck in mobile carrier stores and authorized retailers.

Apple had previously said that the AirPods would be coming to brick and mortar stores, but didn't say exactly when. What we don't know is how much stock stores will have, but chances are that it will be tight.

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When AirPods launched on Apple's website, there were shipping dates before the holidays. As of this writing, orders placed for AirPods will take up to six weeks to ship.

To some, it was surprising that the AirPods are launching this year. They were originally planned for a scrapped October launch, and Apple also ended up delaying its BeatsX earbuds that use the same technology (those are now scheduled for early next year). If Apple's wireless headphones missed 2016, it would have been a bit of an embarrassment for a company that released an iPhone 7 with no headphone jack.

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