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AirPods 2 Could Have An Unbelievably Fast Charge Time

There are yet more AirPods 2 rumors flying around, the latest one apparently revealing that the new generation of Apple’s wireless earphones can be wirelessly charged with amazing speed.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

The information comes from the Twitter account of XDA writer and video host Max Weinbach (via TechRadar), specifically a pair of tweets he made claiming that the wireless charging technology on the AirPods and their carrying case will mean you can charge either one up to full capacity in only 15 minutes.

The tradeoff is that the case, likely using Qi charging technology, will be heavier and larger, although only in ‘one direction’, according to Weinbach.

Weinbach also mentions a similarity to the Apple Pencil 2, but there's a word missing from the tweet, so it's not clear how.

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The current AirPods give an estimated 3 hours of playback from a 15-minute charge, and 5 hours from a full charge. This is already a class-leading speed, so anything quicker would only compound this lead. However, other wireless earbuds offer longer battery life overall, such as the Galaxy Buds.

Increasing the size and weight of the case doesn’t have to be a problem. Users would be far more irritated if it was the earbuds themselves that grew larger and heavier instead.

We’ll have to wait until the AirPods 2 get announced to make sure, but if other recent rumors are to be believed, that might be happening as soon as the end of March. In the meantime, you can keep track of the latest AirPods 2 rumors on this page.