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A Solid Multimedia Notebook From HP


HP's Pavilion DV4000 is a very good notebook computer, especially when configured with a fast 2.13 GHz CPU and 533 MHz memory. It can function well as a home and office computer whether on battery or AC power. It's also a fine choice for DVD viewing and gaming. Though it doesn't come with Windows XP Media Center Edition, it can function quite well as a home entertainment component with its S-Video output and ability to play DVDs without booting Windows.

HP put a good deal of thought into the DV4000's ergonomics. They keyboard is very good and the touchpad and mouse buttons are excellent. Even the button for releasing the latches that hold the notebook closed is large and easy to use. We only wish HP could manage to do the impossible and put all of this capability and functionality into a 2.5 lb (1.1 kg) laptop.