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Google Teases Key Pixel 3 Feature

A new video teaser has confirmed that Google's upcoming Pixel 3 will bring back one of its predecessor's signature features. 


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The video, posted to Google Japan's YouTube channel (and to its Pixel 3 teaser website), features various instances of holding and squeezing. A girl hugs a large plush animal, a couple squeezes hands, a parent mushes her child's cheeks.

At the end, a hand squeezes the outline of a Pixel 3. The outline lights up when it is squeezed. It's reminiscent of Google's old Japanese teaser website where clicking the power button on the device turned the device from see-through white and green to black and solid white.

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As BGR notes, this is a pretty clear reference to Google's Active Edge. Active Edge allows you to squeeze a Pixel phone's display to activate Google Assistant. You can also re-map Active Edge to do something else, such as turning up the volume. This feature is fairly unique to the Pixel, so it's unsurprising that Google is continuing the trend.

Rumors indicating that the Pixel 3 would keep active edge have been circulating for weeks, but this is the first time an official teaser has referenced the feature.

Google has been relatively tight-lipped about the Pixel 3, but we've seen a good amount of leaks from bloggers and YouTubers who have allegedly gotten their hands on the device. We expect the new phones to support wireless charging, feature improved cameras and ship with the new Android 9 Pie.

All will be revealed at Google's press event on Oct. 9, where we may also be introduced a new Google Home Hub smart display and Pixelbook 2.

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