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Google Pixel 4 May Be Completely Notchless, Patents Show

It seems that Google may be stepping up its Pixel design game and ditching that giant ugly notch. A new patent filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization shows a clean display devoid of notches, holes, foreheads or chins.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

It’s actually the second patent that describes a notchless, almost bezelless Pixel. Phone site 91mobiles reported on that one yesterday. That one also shows two speakers, one one the top and another on the bottom, which would offer stereo sound while playing movies and games.

Credit: Google/91Mobiles

(Image credit: Google/91Mobiles)

The latest patent also has clean illustrations of the back of the device, which will still have one single camera sensor and a fingerprint reader.

Unfortunately, this patent doesn’t show a headphone jack on the bottom or the top, unlike the new Pixel 3 Lite.

Credit: Google/91Mobiles

(Image credit: Google/91Mobiles)

Usually, patents that introduce methods or inventions include very vague illustrations. The drawing included in these two patents seem to be very accurate technical illustrations, perhaps derived from CAD models.

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Patents don’t always have to result in actual products, but if you couple the illustration detail with the fact that every phone is going bezelless and notchless, it seems only logical that the 2019 or 2020 Pixel will finally get rid of the notch.

Credit: Google/91Mobiles

(Image credit: Google/91Mobiles)

That will be in line with the deployment of panels that include both camera and depth sensors under the display, as foretold by both reliable leaker Ice Universe and Samsung itself.

I can’t wait for a phone with no distractions whatsoever, one that finally fulfills the holy grail of mobile technology in which the interface fully takes over a completely clean slab.

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