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Westworld season 4 release date, teaser trailer, cast and everything we know so far

Thandiwe Newton as Maeve in Westworld
(Image credit: HBO)

Get ready for more violent delights to have violent ends, because Westworld season 4 is coming back online soon. HBO dropped a teaser trailer that revealed the sci-drama's release date: June 26. 

The video provides a sneak peek at what to expect from Westworld season 4. Returning cast members include Thandiwe Newton, Aaron Paul, Jeffrey Wright, Tessa Thompson, Luke Hemsworth, Ed Harris and Evan Rachel Wood (surprise not surprise, Dolores isn't dead).

Westworld is set in a futuristic, technologically-advanced society. The titular location is a Wild West-themed amusement park owned by Delos Incorporated and populated by android "hosts." Wealthy guests can indulge their most depraved fantasies, as the hosts have been programmed not to harm humans. However, some of them prove capable of sentience, leading to a violent revolt that spills out of the park and into the world.

Westworld creators (and spouses) Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have described season 4 as "a dark odyssey about the fate of sentient life on earth." Joy also 

Here's everything we know so far about Westworld season 4.

Westworld season 4 release date

HBO has set the Westworld season 4 release date for Sunday, June 26. 

The first episode will air at 9 p.m. ET concurrently on HBO and HBO Max. Season 4 consists of eight episodes total; the rest will drop on Sunday nights. 

Season 4 arrives a little over two years after the conclusion of season 3 in May 2020. 

Westworld season 4 teaser trailer

HBO released the teaser trailer for Westworld season 4 as an Easter egg. It was found by fans on Thrillist’s Instagram story. The link to the unlisted YouTube video accompanied a photo of New York City, possibly previewing one of season 4's settings. 

The teaser is titled "It doesn’t look like anything to me" and set to Lou Reed's "Perfect Day." Various characters can be glimpsed walking through cityscapes. Maeve and Caleb are together in one shot, indicating they might be working together again this season.

Westworld season 4 cast

HBO Has confirmed several returning Westworld season 4 cast members: 

  • Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores Abernathy, the oldest host and leader of their revolt.
  • Thandiwe Newton as Maeve Millay, a host is self-aware and previously played Sweetwater's brothel madam.
  • Ed Harris as the Man in Black / William, executive at Delos, investor in Westworld and frequent guest
  • Jeffrey Wright as Bernard Lowe, head of Westworld's programming department who turns out to be a host modeled on the park's co-founder, Arnold Weber.
  • Aaron Paul as Caleb Nichols, a former soldier and construction worker who joins the android revolution
  • Tessa Thompson as Charlotte Hale, executive director of the board overseeing Westworld
  • Luke Hemsworth as Ashley Stubbs, the former head of park security who turns out to be a host
  • Angela Sarafyan as Clementine Pennyfeather, a host who played a sex worker in Sweetwater

Westworld season 4 will likely introduce some new faces. HBO has already confirmed the addition of Oscar winner Ariana DeBose as a recurring guest star. 

What happened in Westworld season 3?

Westworld season 3 follows Dolores leading the robot revolution, following the massacre inflicted by hosts on humans in the park. She emerges into the "real world" to destroy an artificial intelligence program called Rehoboam, co-created by  a very rich and nefarious man named Serac. It runs an algorithm that predicts what individuals will do; Serac wants to use it to control the world.

She's aided in her mission by Caleb, an ex-soldier and construction worker who dabbles in petty crime. They gain access to Rehoboam and leaks the files, causing chaos. Then, they journey to Mexico to find a previous incarnation of Rehoboam called Solomon. The AI informs Caleb that he is an "outlier," or someone who could evade the predictive algorithm. He was successfully reconditioned into hunting down fellow outliers. The ones who can't also be reconditioned go into cold storage. 

Solomon has come up with a new program to defeat Serac and free humanity from Rehoboam's narratives.

Tessa Thompson as Charlotte Hale in Westworld

(Image credit: HBO)

Charlotte vs Serac 

Charlotte Hale — a host that is actually a copy of Dolores — seeks to take control of Delos, but is thwarted by a takeover bid from Serac, who wants the company's data. She commits William to a mental facility so she can use his Delos voting rights to fend off the bid.

Her maneuvering proves unsuccessful, and Serac buys Delos. Knowing she's about to be caught, Charlotte downloads the company's host data and uploads it to a secret, safe location. She survives a devastating car explosion, but vows revenge against Dolores for abandoning her.

Maeve vs Dolores

Meanwhile, Maeve wakes up after the massacre in a World War II-themed park. She commits suicide to return to Operations, but discovers it's just a simulation. She breaks out of it, waking up in a new body in Serac's home. He enlists her help in tracking down Dolores. 

Maeve finds her in Mexico, but Dolores and Caleb manage to escape. However, she confronts them later and captures Dolores.  

Serac hooks up Dolores to Rehoboam so he can locate the Delos' host data stolen by Charlotte. When the AI can't find it, it begins to erase her mind. Caleb shows up to save her but is stopped by Maeve. 

After Dolores pleads with Maeve to help humanity, Maeve breaks through her behavior inhibitor, kills the guards and injures Serac. Dolores' final memory is Solomon's program, which gives Caleb control over Rehoboam. He orders Rehoboam to erase itself before leaving with Maeve.

Jeffrey Wright as Bernard and Ed Harris as William in Westworldw

(Image credit: HBO)

Bernard and William

Elsewhere, Bernard has been on the run after being framed for the massacre. He discovers Caleb's identity as an outlier and believes he will eventually destroy the world. With the help of Ashley Stubbs, he frees William from the mental facility. William declares he will destroy all remaining hosts, then flees. 

Later, William breaks into a Delos facility, where he encounters Charlotte. It contains hundreds of host-making machines. However, before he can do anything his throat is slitted by a host copy of himself. 

Holed up in a motel Bernard realizes Dolores gave him the key to the Sublime (aka Valley Beyond). He decides to enter it and his body goes idle. Some time passes (possibly months or even years), and Bernard wakes up covered in dust. 

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