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Galaxy S11 Renders Offer a Sneak Peek at Next Year's Flagship

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We have a rumored launch date for the Galaxy S11. So why not some renders that give us an idea of what next year's Samsung flagship phone will look like?

The renders come courtesy of, and they shouldn't be mistaken for leaked images or official looks at the upcoming phone. Rather, they're concept drawings the site put together based on rumors that have cropped about the Galaxy S11 as well as guidance from Samsung's recent smartphone designs.

For that reason, the Galaxy S11 in these renders looks a lot like the Galaxy S10 that's been on retail shelves since the spring. Like Samsung's current phone, the S11 imagined by has an Infinity O display with a circular camera cutout. The front camera's been relocated to the center of the phone in the vein of thee Galaxy Note 10, and the cutout is smaller than before. These S11 renders also imagine thinner bezels on a curved display.

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The biggest change can be found on the back of the phone where a horizontal strip of three cameras is augmented with a spectrometer. That feature is in line with recent rumors about the Galaxy S11, which claim that Samsung would add the sensor to its upcoming phones to boost health-tracking capabilities. Allegedly, you could point the S11's spectrometer at a piece of food and it would be able to provide nutritional information on the fly.

The render places the spectrometer just to the right of the rear cameras. Below that strip, there's a DepthVision camera as well as a flash.

The renders also assume that Samsung will introduce new colors for the Galaxy S11, which again is consistent with the phone maker's recent strategy. After sticking to mostly traditional colors, the Galaxy S10 featured models in Canary Yellow and Flamingo Pink while the Note 10 is available in Aurora Glow alongside black, white and blue versions.

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These renders appear just as a separate report claimed Samsung would release the Galaxy S11 at an Unpacked event on Feb. 18, 2020. That gives us another four months for even more Galaxy S11 renders to start popping up.