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Apple Watch 7 release date just tipped for mid-October

Apple Watch Series 7
(Image credit: Apple)

When the Apple Watch 7’s features were revealed at Apple’s iPhone 13 event in September, one key detail was missing: a release date. While all the iPhone 13 models would duly be released on September 24, the Apple Watch 7 was only promised “later this fall” and “by the end of the year”.

No reason was given for this vagueness, but it likely had something to do with the rumored production difficulties we reported at the time. Given Fall ends on December 21, that window was presumably seen as sufficiently wide to guarantee sufficient inventory. 

But it looks like we won’t have to wait very long, if leaker Jon Prosser’s sources are correct. “According to multiple sources familiar with the release, we’re hearing that pre-orders could happen as early as next week, with shipping happening mid-October,” he wrote.

Interestingly, that ties in exactly with what Twitter user Ardavon Nazari was told when he contacted Apple’s official partner Hermès asking when its edition of the Apple Watch would be available. “The Apple Watch Series 7 will be available for preorder beginning October 8. 2021,” the company reportedly replied, leaving little room for misinterpretation. 

While the much-leaked flat-edge redesign wasn’t forthcoming this time around, the Apple Watch 7 still comes with a solid set of improvements over its predecessors. The most useful of these is a display that’s up to 20% larger than the previous version, made possible by the thinner bezels rather than a larger chassis. The display is apparently 70% brighter than the last one, too, which should make a big difference when trying to glance at your watch in direct sunlight.

The larger, brighter screen won’t apparently impact the battery life, but nor will it last any longer, with Apple quoting the same 18 hours as ever. That said, charging is set to be 33% faster than before, which should mean less time off the wrist for those who want to wear it overnight for the newly introduced sleep tracking.

Whether it is available this month or not, prices have been confirmed to start at $399 for the 41mm model, rising to $429 for the larger 45mm version. And if you want cellular data, those prices will rise to $499 and $529, respectively. Check out our Apple Watch Black Friday deals page for the best discounts now and what to expect. 

Alan Martin

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