BritBox Australia in 2024: prices, plans, content and more

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If you live and breathe British TV, then you've likely heard about BritBox. The streamer was formed in a merger of sorts by UK public broadcasters, BBC and ITV Studios, as a way to combat evergrowing competition from streaming giants in 2016. Since then, the service has crossed the pond to nine different regions, including Australia. 

The service has since become home to the best British soaps and dramas, debuting new releases at the same time as the free-to-air broadcast. With extensive archival episodes of popular shows like Doctor Who, and new episodes of classic TV like EastEnders and Coronation Street, it's no surprise the platform has surpassed 2.6 million subscribers globally. 

That being said, as the cost-of-living crisis persists and after experiencing several streaming price hikes, some Aussies may be considering ditching the UK streamer in favour of cutting monthly spending or trialling a different service altogether.

If that's the case for you, we've compiled this extensive guide to the platform, its subscriptions, content and more below. If you're interested in more localised streaming guides, you can also check out our articles on the best streaming services in Australia, what streamers will cost you this year and what to watch in Australia this month

How much does BritBox cost?

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BritBox currently offers two subscription plans: 

Monthly | AU$9.99
Annual | AU$99.99 

BritBox subscribers can stream the ultimate collection of British TV, movies and docos, and you can choose between a monthly or yearly subscription. You can stream on four screens simultaneously in HD and download for later viewing on two devices. The platform is also ad-free, so its low monthly spend is rather attractive compared to other ad-supported plans at a similar price point (e.g. Binge and Netflix). 

At first glance, BritBox's homepage doesn't mention its 7-day free trial. The only mention of the trial appears when signing up for a monthly or annual plan. Despite this, you can cancel the trial at any time, too, so you can try before you sign the (theoretical) dotted line. 


Thinking of cancelling BritBox this month? Here's what we recommend instead.

Binge is our top pick this July thanks to its massive lineup of releases that'll keep you warm, cosy and entertained this winter. Season two of The Twelve, starring Sam Neil, will grace our screens on July 11th, paired with a brand-new season of real estate reality show, Million Dollar Listing LA. The new UK comedy series, Mr Bigstuff, will also premiere later this month, and we'll have an all-access pass into the Secrets of The Hells Angels motorcycle club come July 7th.

How to pick the right plan for your needs

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Choosing the right plan for your streaming needs usually comes down to two factors: screens and streaming resolution. BritBox is no exception to this rule. 

Both subscriptions come with the standard of four screens and simultaneous streams, no ad breaks, and the same content catalogue. Plus, you can download unlimited amounts of your favourite soaps for offline viewing. 

For most households, a monthly subscription is plenty to sustain multiple users and devices (and multiple tastes, too). But an annual plan may be the way to go if you're looking for ways to save some extra shillings on your subscription costs. 

If you sign up for an annual plan, you'll save AU$19.89 compared to a monthly sub. Currently, only five streaming services offer yearly subscriptions in Australia — namely BritBox, Disney Plus, Prime Video, Apple TV Plus and Paramount Plus — so it's worth considering the switch if you want to maximise your savings. 

Are there ways to save on subscription costs?

At the time of writing, new subscribers cannot save on a standard BritBox subscription. However, a way to save could be by combining subscriptions and purchasing the BritBox channel on Prime Video. 

If you're already a Prime member, you can try the BritBox channel on Prime Video for 30 days before an additional AU$9.99 gets added to your monthly Amazon bill. The BritBox channel does contain all the shows and movies found on the UK streamer, so it could be a viable option for those who actively subscribe to Amazon Prime. 

How does BritBox pricing compare to other streaming services?

In terms of pricing, the British streaming service is on the cheaper end of the spectrum. Costing AU$9.99 per month and AU$99.99 annually, the cost is akin to Binge, Stan and Prime Video's lowest offerings. It is on par with the average cost of a basic plan and costs AU$3.74 less than the average standard streaming plan. 

Comparatively, a monthly BritBox subscription is the same price point as Paramount Plus' standard plan and both platforms have observed similarly minimal hikes in the past year. 

How does BritBox's content catalogue compare?

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BritBox is hard to compare to other streaming services in terms of content, as no other service offers the same extensive range of UK-based productions. However, if you're looking at the grand scheme of titles on offer, BritBox has a minuscule 274 titles included in the service. Those titles are made up of 58 movies and 216 television shows. 

From exquisite histories and chilling mysteries to beloved classics and new releases fast-tracked from the UK, BritBox has the ultimate collection of British telly available to stream. TV shows include the beloved Mr Bean, the intriguing new season of Father Brown, and the gripping crime drama Karen Pirie.

BritBox is also home to some cracking originals, like the Cary Grant biopic series Archie, Guy Pearce-fronted espionage thriller A Spy Among Friends, and Sister Boniface Mysteries, the beloved Father Brown spin-off.

There's no shortage of lifestyle or documentary series on the platform too, including Martin Compston's Scottish Fling and competition shows like The Great British Sewing Bee and The Great Pottery Throw Down. 

The only thing the platform lacks in comparison to other streamers is an extensive film collection. That being said, there’s a decent amount of movies based on true stories, such as Benedict Cumberbatch’s The Imitation Game, the book-to-film adaptation of The Personal History of David Copperfield and a look into WWII Operation Overlord and an infamous British PM with 2017’s Churchill. 

It would be remiss to not mention the Period Drama films too, and plenty of Jane Austen adaptations — namely the remastered version of Pride and Prejudice — to keep any fan satisfied. 

Has the Australian BritBox price increased over time?

In the last month, BritBox has announced price hikes for both plans. The monthly plan saw an increase of AU$1 in January 2024, now totalling AU$9.99 p/m. The annual subscription cost did increase to AU$99.99 in February 2024. 

Is a BritBox subscription worth it?

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If you've gotten this far, you're probably pondering whether a BritBox subscription is right for you. Here's what we recommend. 

If you live and breathe British TV, then it may be a great choice for you. There's lots of UK-based content on offer, and if you like true crime, there are plenty of British detective shows to keep you entertained. But if you're only interested in occasionally binge-watching a few shows, we'd recommend dipping in and out when a show of interest debuts. 

It's also worth noting that some of BritBox's catalogue features on other platforms — like Netflix, Disney Plus (for Doctor Who fans) and Foxtel Now — so if you have a subscription to another platform that has what you're after, then it may not be worth signing up. For that reason, too, we'd suggest signing up for a free trial before committing to the standalone British platform so you can see whether it's truly smashing — or not. 

Either way, it is up to you how you spend your hard-earned money, and if you're thinking of cancelling your subscription, here's a guide on how to cancel BritBox in five steps

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