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Surfshark is leading the way with Black Friday VPN deals at just $2.21 a month

Surfshark banner displaying the 83% off Black Friday deal
(Image credit: Surfshark)

If you're looking for a great value Black Friday VPN deal, Surfshark never fails to deliver. Combining low prices with genuinely impressive privacy and performance, it's been ranked as one of our best VPN services for a long time – and this deal only makes it more tempting.

This offer from Surfshark (opens in new tab) essentially extends its best-value 24-month plan by three months without changing the upfront price you'll pay, and the upshot of this generous freebie is that you'll be paying just $2.21 a month (opens in new tab) for full online privacy. All in, that works out at $59.76 upfront, which is seriously competitive.

We've got more info on this VPN deal below, and although we haven't got a definite end date for it, we can say with some confidence that this is the best price you'll be getting on Surfshark until, well, next Black Friday. So, if you want one of our top-rated providers for cheap, this could be for you.

Surfshark | 24 months + 3 months FREE | $2.21/pm (opens in new tab)
Surfshark is one of our highest-rated VPN providers and offers a great blend of genuine affordability and class-leading functionality. Useful for staying anonymous online, unblocking tons of streaming sites, and staying safe when torrenting, it's excellent value for just $2.21 a month.

Why is this Surfshark deal so good?

While Surfshark certainly is a cheap VPN – topping our list, in fact – it doesn't sacrifice usability and privacy features like many other cut-price VPNs. In our independent testing, only premium providers ExpressVPN (opens in new tab) and NordVPN (opens in new tab) scored higher overall.

One aspect we really like about Surfshark are its well-designed apps. No matter what device you're using they share a common design language, meaning it's easy to get up and running, and once you've used one, you've used them all.

If you want the absolute best-of-the-best, we'd point you towards ExpressVPN, but at $6.67 a month (opens in new tab) it's a fair bit more expensive. NordVPN is a little more affordable, but at $3.29 a month (opens in new tab) it's still pricier.

So, if you're after the best-value option on the market – even better with that additional 3 months thrown in – Surfshark's your best bet (opens in new tab).

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