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Samsung Testing 5X Zoom Camera for Galaxy S11 (Report)

(Image credit: Oppo)

It is not official yet, but according to industry sources that talked with Korean tech news outlet The Elect, Samsung is soon going to test a 5x optical zoom camera that will allegedly be part of the Galaxy S11’s sensor array.

The Seoul-based company will start the testing process of this 5x zoom and other camera sensors thanks to a new “test socket.” These devices, as GSMArena points out, allow companies to test these parts before entering the actual manufacturing site.

The Elect claims that the modules have been shipped to Samsung from its manufacturer, MecaTech system. Samsung has been rumored to use a 5x optical zoom in the Galaxy S11 for a while, manufactured by another division.  

None of this has been confirmed yet but SamMobile argues that, if the Korean company is receiving test camera sockets for the S11 now, that means that the sensor assembly must have been decided and frozen already. If true, we will probably start seeing more news about the new Galaxy S11’s camera setting soon.

The Samsung Galaxy S11 is also rumored to employ a 108MP Isocell Bright HMX — the new top of the line sensor made by Samsung’s photography division. Only one manufacturer has announced support for this high resolution photo sensor on a phone: the all-screen $2,815 Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha.

The latest release rumors point at a Galaxy S11 launch on the second half of February 2020.

Jesus Diaz

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