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Google's Pixel 4 Will Transcribe Your Voice Recordings for You

(Image credit: GenK)

The iPhone has long offered a built-in Voice Memos app for recording interviews, classes, songs and more. With its upcoming Pixel 4, Google looks to be adding something similar called Recorder. And that app may tackle one of the biggest pains over what to do with your recordings when they're finished.

Google Recorder will transcribe your audio file, easily sharing it to Google Drive, according to XDA Developers. The feature was discovered in what appears to be accidentally released version of the app on Google Play. 

If this capability really does exist in the Pixel 4, it's a big deal. Students and journalists alike have been clamoring for a built-in transcription service, which Apple doesn’t currently offer in Voice Memos.

(Image credit: XDA Developers)

The most useful tool in Google Recorder is search: You’ll be able to look for keywords in your recordings — in both the transcription and the audio file — using an on-device search feature.

Google hasn’t exactly been trying to keep the Pixel 4 or its features under wraps ahead of the Oct. 15 Made By Google event where the newest flagship will make its debut. The company has already confirmed that the Pixel 4 will offer support for air gestures in a feature called Motion Sense. The device is also expected to sport a Face Unlock feature and a dual-lens camera system.

Motion Sense aside, it’s the thoughtful little features like Recorder that have geeks (and journalists  — insert raising hand emoji here) hyped for Pixel 4. 

The Pixel 4 is also expected to introduce Motion Sense technology for reading hand gestures via sonar, Face Unlock technology that could beat Apple's Face ID and beefed up cameras. See our updated Pixel 4 hub to get all of the latest news and leaks.

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