New Loki trailer teases a big fight ahead for Loki and Sylvie

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A mid-season Loki trailer just got us excited for Wednesday. Yes, last we saw Loki Laufeyson and Sylvie (who is not Lady Loki), it was another day at the apocalypse. Except Lamentis-1 looked truly doomed, and the Ark they were planning to escape on was blown up. 

But, of course, we knew the pair would make it out alive. We just didn't know what to expect next. Or at least we didn't, until now. Marvel Entertainment and Disney just dropped a new clip on social media and YouTube that shows off what's next for this mischievous duo. 

The clip begins with a bit of early-season recap, with Mobius (Owen Wilson) explaining the murderous variant killing TVA minutemen. Then, though, we get a glimpse of Ravonna Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) entering a green and misty area that we haven't seen before, right after talking about the Time-Keepers. Will this be how Loki reveals Kang the Conqueror? Renslayer does have ties to him in the comics, as our Loki TV series characters explained guide notes.

Then, we fast-forward to Loki meeting Sylvie, who hasn't been dubbed The Enchantress yet, despite all the similarities to that comic book character.  And this is where things get very weird. A child version of Sylvie enters one of the space-time gateways to the TVA, a battleship lands out of nowhere in a field and then Loki and Sylvie are back in the TVA's clutches, revealing what we all knew: they're surviving Lamentis-1.

And right after Loki complains that he has a smaller security detail guarding him than Sylvie does, we flash to Loki and Sylvie in a big fight. And this fight, based on the very brief glimpses we see, takes place in the same place that Ravonna Renslayer was exploring. 

Then, Loki stabs the air with his fancy dagger, and light emerges from it. Clearly, we're not in the TVA anymore. 

And so, it appears that Loki may come to a crescendo with Loki and Sylvie fighting for their futures, or to make the Time-Keepers instate them as the permanent versions of themselves, and not as variants. But something about that doesn't seem like the story they're telling on Loki. 

What seems more likely, at least for Loki, is that he could be made a permanent member of the TVA, which episode 3 revealed is the path some go down. This would keep Hiddleston in the MCU films and shows for cameos, and possibly more.

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