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Marvel's Fantastic Four cast, release date and everything else we know

Marvel's Fantastic Four cast, release date and everything else we know
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Marvel's Fantastic Four movie — which looks to get the formula for the Richards clan right for once — is official, and right now we're in the thick of casting rumors. First announced in 2019, the new Fantastic Four movie was the subject of speculation ever since Disney acquired 20th Century Fox.

But why will this movie be better than the many that preceded it? Well, Disney's track record with Marvel movies is much stronger than any other studio's. On top of that, it's going to be helmed by one of the best directors in the MCU.

Marvel's Fantastic Four cast

That being said, not all is right at the moment with this latest iteration of the Fantastic Four, as a lot of negativity has been thrown toward potential casting ideas. Fortunately, water has been thrown on those rumors. 

This all began when The Daily Mail had people convinced that Jennifer Lawrence was headed to Australia soon to film the new Fantastic Four movie.

Deadline's Justin Kroll squashed that rumor, by tweeting that "there is no script and it will be awhile before this film starts shooting."

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No other casting rumors have bubbled up yet, but fans online really want Emily Blunt and John Krasinski in those roles. 

Marvel's Fantastic Four release date

We wouldn't hold our breath waiting for Marvel's Fantastic Four, even if we had Reed Richards' expandable lungs and ribcage.

Based on the above report that Marvel doesn't even have a script yet — it's only now meeting with writers — we are a long ways off from the Fantastic Four movie coming out. 

Currently, the MCU release schedule stretches out to 2023, where Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and Ant-Man 3 are due. That's the earliest we'd expect this movie to be made.