IPVanish back to school VPN sale: save 65% on one year of cover for just $49

IPVanish VPN deal
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US-based IPVanish definitely isn’t the new kid in class, and has been known as one of the best VPN providers for a long time. Its powerful service offers tons of servers, excellent connection speeds plus seriously configurable apps – and although it’s perfect out the box, there are loads of options to personalise the experience, too.

While the provider offers great value to start off with, this IPVanish back-to-school deal offers unbelievable savings. For only $49 you’ll be able to safeguard you and your family’s online privacy for a whole year – that works out at just $4.16 a month, or a saving of 65% compared to paying monthly. Plus, IPVanish offers unlimited simultaneous connections, so on a single plan you’ll be able to cover every device in your household, from phones to laptops, and even your router.

However, we’d suggest making the most of this while you can, as the IPVanish back-to-school sale ends August 31. This is one of the best-value long-term deals we’ve ever seen from the VPN provider, so if you’re in the market – student or not – now’s the time to take the plunge.


IPVanish VPN & SugarSync cloud storage | one year of cover for just $49
Save 65%
– If you're looking to maintain privacy online, now's the time to do it. IPVanish's back-to-school sale offers serious savings compared to its other plans, plus you'll also get 250GB of SugarSync storage absolutely free. With a 30-day money-back guarantee you can test-drive the service before committing, but as one of the top VPN providers out there, you should be pleased with the results.

Why is this IPVanish VPN deal so good?

Coinciding with the start of the school year, this is the perfect time to get an IPVanish subscription to secure all your devices. And, because schools are notorious for heavy-handed filters that block useful sites like YouTube and Wikipedia, you’ll also be able to use the VPN to get the most out of you or your kids’ studies.

If you’re out and about after school or on the weekend, you’ll likely be connecting to notoriously dangerous public Wi-Fi networks, but with IPVanish you can be sure that even if your connection is compromised, every last bit of your data will be encrypted and totally unreadable.

Also, just like every IPVanish plan, this back-to-school deal includes a mega 250GB of SugarSync storage for free. So, if you’re after secure cloud storage to keep your files safe, then you could be getting a huge saving here and a VPN to boot.

If you want our top-rated VPN provider, we’d recommend checking out ExpressVPN. With over 3,000 servers and really polished apps, it’s a pleasure to use – but, at $6.67 a month, it is a little more expensive than IPVanish. Surfshark is the best cheap VPN on the market, offering a 2-year plan for around $2 a month, but that does mean you’ll have to commit for twice as long as you would with this IPVanish deal.

If you’re looking for a year of secure browsing and internet freedom, plus tons of secure cloud storage for free, then this IPVanish back-to-school VPN deal could be your golden ticket.

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