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Galaxy S11 leak reveals 108MP camera, 8K video and Night Hyperlapse mode

Galaxy Note 10
(Image credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Samsung)

One of the headlining features we’re expecting on the Galaxy S11 is a 108MP main camera sensor, which if it turns out to be more than just rumors, will need software to help run it and bring out its potential. Evidence of this has been found recently in a Samsung-developed photography app, which not only backs up the previous rumors of the camera’s existence, but also gives us a glimpse of what you’ll be able to do with it.

As found by XDA Developers during an APK breakdown of the recently updated Samsung Camera app, there’s now compatibility for a device with a 108MP camera and a 20:9 display ratio, as well as for 8K video and new modes named Director’s View, Single Take Photo and Night Hyperlapse.

108MP sensor support was already present within Samsung’s One UI 2.0, and seeing it in the camera app that comes bundled with this operating system just backs up our suspicions even further.

8K video support is also a feature coming to the Exynos 990, Samsung’s proprietary system-on-chip and also the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, the processor used in international versions of the Galaxy S11, so it’s not too surprising to see Samsung giving its camera app the same ability. Since 8K video requires not only a powerful CPU but also a high resolution camera to provide enough detail, it’s likely that this will appear along with the 108MP Isocell BRIGHT HMX camera that Samsung has been working on with Xiaomi (and is already heading to market in the CC9 Pro).

The 20:9 screen ratio isn’t guaranteed to be related to the S11, but there’s definitely a phone with this ratio in the works for Samsung based on the references to this in the code. We also saw evidence back in October when a Samsung HTML5 benchmark result revealed it was working on a phone with this ratio.

Another recent exciting camera rumor for the S11 comes in the form of ‘Hubble’, a leaked codename for one of the phone’s cameras, which is assumed to refer to a mighty telephoto zoom lens. There’s also a more outlandish rumor about an incoming spectrometer, although that could be referring to a Samsung phone even further in the future. 

If you want to read more about what’s rumored for the next Samsung flagship, then our Galaxy S11 rumor round-up page will fill you in on everything we’ve heard so far.