Battlefield 2042 cross-play will let PS5, Xbox Series X and PC players do battle

Battlefield 2042
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A huge amount of Battlefield 2042 info has been dropped courtesy of a new Q&A briefing on the EA website. While several interesting details are offered, arguably the biggest is the confirmation that Battlefield 2042 will allow players on PS5, Xbox Series X and PC to play together via cross-play. 

Considering Battlefield 2042 will be the first game in the series to offer lobbies of up to 128-players, it makes sense to introduce cross-play to ensure lobbies are always full. The game will offer AI bots to fill any vacant spots, but with players across three platforms able to play together these could well end up being an unnecessary addition. 

Players on PS4/Xbox One will be able to play together but due to the 64 player match limit cannot play with next-gen console owners or PC players. You will however also be able to carry your progress across all platforms. So if you start playing on PS4 but then move to the PS5 or Xbox Series X versions, your rank and unlocks will come with you.

The briefing also confirms that Battlefield 2042 is an entirely online experience. It was previously revealed you can play solo matches against AI bots, but even doing this will require a persistent internet connection. This news is slightly disappointing but it’s certainly not unexpected. 

Battlefield 2042 drops classes for Specialists

Battlefield 2042

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One of the most controversial changes coming to Battlefield 2042 is the new Specialist system, and it’s been further outlined in the Q&A.

The four classes of previous Battlefield games are gone, and in their place are 10 Specialists that feel reminiscent of the heroes in Overwatch or the Operators in Rainbow Six Siege. Each will have a unique tool and trait but otherwise can use any unlocked weapon or gadget.

It definitely sounds like Specialists will offer players more flexibility compared to the rigid class system of previous Battlefield games. However, the series has always been focused on squad-play with each class having a specific role to fulfil. Losing that element could result in Battlefield 2042 diluting the series traditional emphasis on teamwork and comradery. 

Other information dropped included the game will have seven maps at launch, will have a vehicle call-in system in case you need wheels (or wings) in a pinch and will allow you to strap explosives to a robot dog before sending it into a squad of enemies. Yes, that last one has actually been confirmed. 

It’s previously been confirmed that Battlefield 2042 will have an open beta prior to launch but if you want to play it even earlier there will also be a closed technical playtest later this summer. This will be invite-only and only a handful of participants will be chosen. In order to be considered you need to register on the EA Playtesting site

Battlefield 2042 is due to launch on October 22, and based on what we’ve seen so far definitely looks like a game worth hunting down a PS5 restock or Xbox Series X restock for.

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