How to record stunning astro hyperlapse videos on the Samsung Galaxy S23

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Recording an astro hyperlapse mode video on the Samsung Galaxy S23 will let you revisit a whole night's worth of star movement in just a few minutes; making for another impressive trick up the Galaxy S23's already bulging sleeves.

Rather than producing a single image over several minutes as the Galaxy S23's astrophotography mode does, astro hyperlapse instead gives you a video of the stars moving across the sky, either as pinpricks of light or as long streaks, depending on your preference.

You can take a hyperlapse video of anything you like, but since the astro hyperlapse feature is new and requires more set-up, that's what we'll be focusing on here. 

Now, if the skies above are dark and clear, and you've got your Galaxy S23 charged and ready to use, here's the method you need to follow. Also see our full Samsung Galaxy S23 review for all the pros and cons, as well as our Galaxy S23 Plus review and Galaxy S23 Ultra review

How to record astro hyperlapse video on the Samsung Galaxy S23 

1. Open the Camera app, and select the Hyperlapse setting, which will be by default under the "More" tab.

Screenshots from the Galaxy S23 camera app, showing where the hyperlapse mode is located

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2. Set up your recording by first choosing the 300x speed option under the speed settings in the top right corner, which Samsung recommends for capturing stars.

Screenshots from the Galaxy S23 camera app, showing the timer settings

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3. Next, select a recording length from under the clock icon next to the speed settings. There are six presets, lasting between 10 minutes and three hours (Samsung recommends at least one hour for astro hyperlapses), as well as an infinite option that you can shut off manually when you wish.

Screenshots from the Galaxy S23 camera app, showing the speed settings

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4. The last couple of things to do are select FHD or UHD recording quality from the top menu, and if you want the stars to show trails or not (the shooting star icon on the bottom right)

Screenshots from the Galaxy S23 camera app, showing where the quality and star trail settings are

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5. Hit the shutter button, and let your Galaxy S23 phone record. If you set a timer, the phone will stop recording by itself, otherwise you'll need to tap the stop button yourself when you're done. Now head to the Gallery app to check out what you captured.

This first example was taken with star trails on. Aside from the planes flying past and leaving a strange mark on the left side, it's turned out well!

This second one is without star trails. Unfortunately the clouds are covering up the stars but they still look good whipping by.

While not a necessity, it's definitely a good idea to set up the Galaxy on a tripod so you can keep it as stable as possible and so you don't have to hold it yourself, since to get the most out of your hyperlapse, you'll want to record for several minutes, if not hours.

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