Is the Birch Natural Mattress any good?

Birch Natural mattress
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With sustainably sourced and natural fillings, the Birch Natural mattress is an obvious contender for those looking for an organic mattress. Like many of the best mattresses on the market, the Birch Natural is made from high-quality materials and we rated it highly in our round-up of the best organic mattresses you can buy.

Organic mattresses tend to be a pricier option, and while the Birch Natural mattress isn't the most expensive organic mattress on the market, it's still an investment – and especially so if you decide to upgrade to the Birch Luxe Natural mattress. So could this mattress in a box be a good investment for you? In this guide we'll look at the Birch Natural mattress in more detail, covering factors such as price, comfort, support and quality.

Birch Natural Mattress: At a glance

Like the best hybrid mattresses, the Birch Natural mattress uses a combination of materials to offer support and comfort to sleepers. Underneath an organic cotton cover you'll find a layers of organic wool, natural latex and steel coils making up a bed that's particularly supportive for back and stomach sleepers.

Birch Natural Mattress specs

Type: Hybrid bed-in-a-box
Trial Period: 100 days
Warranty: 25 years
Price (MSRP): $1248.80 – $2186.30 (MSRP)
Height: 11 inches
Firmness (1-10): 6/7 (Medium Firm) (Rated 8 Firm by customers)
User Review Rating: 4.6/5

Officially Birch rates its mattress as medium-firm (6/7 out of 10) but customer reviews suggest that the mattress sleeps firm and feels more like an 8 out of 10. Lighter than average and side sleepers both reported feeling some pressure building up on the Birch Natural mattress. But it's a great option for those suffering with back pain, with the springs and latex inside the mattress helping to keep the spine lifted, supported and aligned. 

Hot sleepers rate this mattress as one of the best cooling mattresses in the organic field, which is due to the materials inside. Wool is one of the most breathable natural materials available, and the ventilated latex and well-spaced coils keep air moving and help to regulate temperature. 

The firmer feel of the mattress also leads to decent edge support, meaning you'll be able to spread out and make use of the whole bed. Motion isolation might not be the best on the market. In the customer reviews, some commenters note being disturbed by movement in the bed, while others didn't have an issue with this. In general, we'd expect bouncy latex not to absorb movements as well as memory foam would.

Birch Natural Mattress: Prices and deals

The Birch Natural Mattress is a luxury offering, although with regular sales and offers it's possible to get the mattress for a cheaper price. Here are the recommended prices for the mattress:

  • Twin: $1248.80
  • Twin XL: $1311.30
  • Full: $1561.30
  • Queen: $1811.30
  • King: $2186.30
  • Cal King: $2186.30

We regularly see discounts of around 20%, taking a Queen mattress down to $1,449, but do keep an eye on our mattress sales page to see the latest offers. Even with the discounts though this is still a pricier mattress but that's to be expected for an organic option. If you're looking for a high-quality natural mattress, the Birch Natural is a great option.

Birch Natural mattress

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Birch Natural Mattress: Design and materials

The Birch Natural Mattress is full of organic materials that make it an ideal choice for anyone who suffers from allergies. (Provided that the allergy is not a latex allergy.) The organic cotton cover is certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and is designed to be soft and breathable. Beneath this is a layer of fire-retardant organic wool that's sustainably sourced from farms in New Zealand. The comfort layer is also made with organic wool, helping to regulate body temperature. 

Organic Talalay latex provides cushioning at common pressure points along the back, hips and shoulders, while the main support of the mattress is provided by hundreds of individual steel coils that cradle the body and help to reduce motion transfer. Another layer of wool at the bottom of the mattress helps to support the coils and keep the mattress stable. 

As well as GOTS-certified textiles, the latex in the Birch Natural is eco-INSTITUT and GREENGUARD Gold certified. One thing to note is that some customers say that the Birch Natural has a strong smell when first unboxed, which can take a couple of days to dissipate. This is known as off-gassing and isn't harmful, but some people do find the smell off-putting.

Birch Natural mattress

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Birch Natural Mattress: Customer reviews

The Birch Natural Mattress receives mainly great reviews from customers but the average of 4.6 out of 5 on the Birch website is for all its products, not just the Natural Mattress. There are just over 3,500 reviews on the Birch website (January 2023) and, by looking through those related to the mattress some key things stand out.  

There's a lot of praise from back and stomach sleepers on how well supported they feel, with pressure points cushioned and aches and pains reduced or removed entirely. Back pain sufferers were particularly complimentary about how much better they felt in the morning. However, nearly all customers felt that the mattress was firmer than Birch suggests and this means that side sleepers find the mattress too hard to provide cushioning around their shoulders. Lighter weight sleepers also found the mattress a little firm.

Temperature regulation was praised on the Birch Natural mattress, which is reassuring – although latex is often described as temperature-regulating, in reality it's not uncommon to reports of other latex beds sleeping warm. Edge support is also good, due to the firmer feel of the mattress. Motion isolation was a mixed bag. Some customers felt that there was minimal motion transfer, but others found their sleep disturbed by a restless partner. We wouldn't expect the motion isolation to be as good on this mattress as you'd find in a memory foam hybrid, but the springs do help to isolate motion.

Birch Natural mattress

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Is the Birch Natural Mattress any good?

Back and front sleepers should consider the Birch Natural Mattress if they're looking for a firmer feel to help keep their spines aligned and pressure points supported. Customers found the mattress helped relieve aches and pains, with back pain sufferers being particularly pleased with it.

Temperature regulation on the Birch seems especially good, with breathable cotton, latex and springs that keep air flowing and prevent sleepers from overheating. Motion isolation might not be the greatest, though, so if you're a particularly light sleeper or have a very restless partner, it might not be the best choice.

Side sleepers and lighter than average customers did find the mattress too firm, with not enough cushioning around the shoulders. It's not the cheapest mattress, but organic mattresses do cost more due to their materials and we think the Birch could well be worth the cost.

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