New on Prime Video and Freevee in April 2024 — all the new shows and movies to watch

A first look at Amazon's Fallout TV series coming to Prime Video
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It’s a new month on Amazon Prime Video and its free ad-supported sibling Freevee which means both streaming services are being refreshed with a new slate of content for April 2024. 

This month includes plenty of unmissable movies and binge-worthy TV shows. And, unlike some of its biggest streaming rivals, Prime also offers a selection of live sports including some big matchups in the National Women’s Soccer League. 

The headliner this month is unquestionably “Fallout”, Prime Video’s small-screen adaptation of the popular post-apocalyptic RPG video game franchise. It’s set to be a zany trip through an irradiated wasteland as a sheltered survivor goes searching for her missing father. All eight episodes drop on Prime Video on April 11.

Plus, if you’re planning a movie night in April you’ll want to keep your Prime subscription active as the platform offers original flicks “Música” and “How to Date Billy Walsh”, alongside the Oscar-winning comedy “The Holdovers”, which was one of my favorite movies of 2023. 

These are just the start of the new content arriving this month, so let’s dive into everything new on Prime Video and Freevee in April 2024, as well as some top picks.  

New on Prime Video in April 2024: Top picks


“Música” is a semi-autobiographical coming-of-age comedy from Rudy Mancuso. The movie marks Mancuso's feature film directional debut, and the online musician also co-wrote the flick. It follows an aspiring creator struggling with synesthesia, a phenomenon that causes sensory overload, as they attempt to navigate the pressures of love, family and their Brazilian heritage in Newark, New Jersey. This could be a breakout Prime Video success story based on the joyful trailer.   

Stream on Prime Video from April 4

‘How to Date Billy Walsh’ 

A vibrant and whimsical teenage rom-com, ‘How to Date Billy Walsh’ centers on two childhood best friends, Amelia (Charithra Chandran) and Archie (Sebastian Croft). Rather predictably, Archie is actually secretly in love with his best pal, but just when he’s about to pluck up the nerve to confess his true feelings, an American transfer student, Billy Walsh (Tanner Buchanan), arrives on the scene and catch’s Amelia’s eye. Determined to keep the two apart, Archie goes to great lengths to sabotage their blossoming romance, but in the process may lose his closest friend.  

Stream on Prime Video from April 5


Based on the best-selling RPG game series of the same name, “Fallout” is a sci-fi drama set in a retrofuture world devastated by a nuclear war. Centuries later, the irradiated wasteland has become a lawless place, while a few lucky survivors live underground in sealed bunkers known as vaults. But when Lucy (Ella Purnell) is forced to leave the safety of her vault to find her missing father, she emerges into a post-apocalyptic L.A. teeming with dangerous wanders and wastelanders. We’re in golden age of gaming adaptations, so hopefully “Fallout” can continue that streak.   

Stream on Prime Video from April 11

‘THEM: The Scare’

(L-R) Pam Grier as Athena and Deborah Ayorinde as Dawn in Them: The Scare

(Image credit: Prime Video)

“THEM” is a horror anthology series which means new characters and a new story for this second season. While the L.A. setting remains a constant, this time the show moves forward to 1991 ("THEM: Covenant" was set in the 1950s), and follows LAPD Homicide Detective Dawn Reeve as she investigates the brutal murder of a foster home mother, but as Dawn gets closer to the truth, something malevolent takes hold and threats not just her own life, but her families as well. Deborah Ayorinde, who played the lead role in the first season, returns as new protagonist Dawn, alongside a fresh cast that includes Pam Grier, Luke James and Joshua J. Williams.  

Stream on Prime Video from April 25

‘The Holdovers’ 

Set in a posh New England prep school, Paul Giamatti plays a very curmudgeonly professor forced to remain on campus over the holiday to chaperone the students with nowhere to go. Unexpectedly, he find himself bonding with a trouble burnout (Dominic Sessa) and the two share a memorable holiday season together as they foster a genuine friendship and confide in each other. This Alexander Payne movie was nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars, and won best Supporting Actress for Da’Vine Joy Randolph’s powerful performance as the school’s cook. “The Holdovers” is hilarious and heartfelt and a certifiable must-watch movie.  

Stream on Prime Video from April 29 

Everything new on Prime Video in April 2024


  • "Age Of Adaline" (2015) 
  • "Airplane II: The Sequel" (1982) 
  • "Batman & Robin" (1997) 
  • "Batman Forever" (1995) 
  • "Blaze and the Monster Machines Vol2" Season 1-2 (2014)
  • "Blockers" (2018) 
  • "Boomerang" (1992) 
  • "Chaplin" (1993) 
  • "Cheech & Chong Get Out Of My Room" (1985) 
  • "Chinatown" (1974) 
  • "Cloverfield" (2008) 
  • "Disturbia" (2007) 
  • "El Dorado" (1967) 
  • "Eureka" Season 1-5 (2006)
  • "Fighting with My Family" (2019) 
  • "Gunfight at the O.K. Corral" (1957) 
  • "Heist" (2015) 
  • "Henry Fool" (1998) 
  • "Hotel for Dogs" (2009) 
  • "House" Season 1-8 (2004)
  • "Inside Job" (2010) 
  • "It's Complicated" (2009) 
  • "Jarhead" (2005)
  • "Jesus Christ Superstar" (1973) 
  • "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" (2011) 
  • "Lone Survivor" (2013) 
  • "Lords Of Dogtown" (2005) 
  • "Macgruber" (2010) 
  • "Memoirs Of A Geisha "(2005) 
  • "Mimic" (1997) 
  • "Money Monster" (2016) 
  • "Monster Trucks" (2017) 
  • "Nebraska" (2014) 
  • "Neighbors" (2014) 
  • "Ong Bak - The Thai Warrior" (2005) 
  • "Out of Sight" (1998) 
  • "Red Eye" (2005) 
  • "Richard Jewell" (2019) 
  • "Rosemary's Baby" (1968) 
  • "Saturday Night Fever" (1977) 
  • "Snatch" (2001) 
  • "The Adventures of Tintin" (2011) 
  • "The Aviator" (2004) 
  • "The Big Short" (2015) 
  • "The Front Page" (1931) 
  • "The Heartbreak Kid" (2007) 
  • "The House Bunny" (2008) 
  • "The Last Temptation of Christ" (1998) 
  • "The Notebook" (2004) 
  • "The Ring Two" (2005) 
  • "The Station Agent" (2003) 
  • "The Stepford Wives" (2004) 
  • "The Sweetest Thing" (2002) 
  • "The Truth About Charlie" (2002) 
  • "The Way Back" (2020) 
  • "The Young Messiah" (2016) 
  • "Titanic" (1997) 
  • "To Catch a Thief" (1955) 
  • "To Write Love On Her Arms" (2015) 
  • "Top Gun" (1986) 
  • "Total Recall" (1990) 
  • "Wayne's World" (1992) 
  • "We Own The Night" (2007) 
  • "We Were Soldiers" (2002) 
  • "When The Game Stands Tall" (2014) 
  • "White Noise" (2005)


  • "Pet Sematary: Bloodlines" (2023) 
  • "Please Don't Destroy: The Treasure of Foggy Mountain" (2023) 


  • "Música" (2024)


  • "Hit" Season 3 (2020)
  • "How To Date Billy Walsh" (2024)


  • "Unforgotten" Season 5 (2023)


  • "The Exorcist: Believer" (2023)


  • "Fallout" (2024)


  • "NWSL"


  • "Going Home with Tyler Cameron" (2024)


  • "Spectre" (2015)


  • "THEM: The Scare" (2024)


  • "The Holdovers" (2023)

Everything new on Freevee in April 2024


  • "Cruel Intentions" (1999) 
  • "Grown Ups" (2010) 
  • "Grown Ups 2" (2013) 
  • "Jumping the Broom" (2011) 
  • "Never Rarely Sometimes Always" (2020) 
  • "Peter Rabbit" (2018) 
  • "The Croods" (2013) 
  • "The Equalizer" (2014) 
  • "The Karate Kid" (2010) 
  • "The Matrix Resurrections" (2021) 
  • "The Photograph" (2020)


  • "Monster Family 2" (2021)


  • "Alex Rider" Season 3 (2024)


  • "Dinner with the Parents" (2024)

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