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Best Ring Video Doorbell Cyber Monday deals 2020

Ring Video Doorbell (2nd generation)
(Image credit: Future)

This year's Ring Video Doorbell Cyber Monday deals are knocking at your door, just waiting to offer you great savings on all Ring products as part of Amazon's (and other retailers') Cyber Monday deals extravaganzas.

From its beginnings as a pitch on Shark Tank, Ring has grown to be one of the biggest names in video doorbells. Now owned by Amazon, it has expanded to making security cameras, smart lightning devices for your home and garden, and DIY security systems. 

Right now, one of the best deals is the Ring Video Doorbell, which is on sale for $69 (opens in new tab). But there are plenty of other Ring deals, which is why we’ve rounded up the best Ring Video Doorbell Cyber Monday deals to help you protect your home.

Tom’s Guide is the place to be during the Cyber Monday deals, as we’re tirelessly updating our guides with the best deals and hottest discounts. 

Ring Video Doorbell Cyber Monday deals

Ring Video Doorbell: was $100 now $69 @Amazon (opens in new tab)
Ring's basic video doorbell is now on its second generation and has 1080p video, motion detection and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connectivity. It's very easy to install and runs on either battery power or household wiring. 

Ring Video Doorbell w/ Amazon Echo Dot: was $150 now $88 @ Amazon (opens in new tab)
This deal gets you the Ring Video Doorbell in Venetian Bronze as well as the third-generation Amazon Echo Dot. Both are excellent devices; this deal basically gives you the Echo Dot for free and the doorbell for $20 off its regular price. However, it won't arrive until March.

Ring Peephole Cam: was $130 now $69 @Amazon (opens in new tab)
This super-easy-to-install version of the Video Doorbell just pops onto either side of your front door's peephole. It runs on batteries but otherwise has all the functionality of the second-generation basic Ring.

Ring Video Doorbell 3: was $200 now $139 @B&H Photo (opens in new tab)
Low stock:
Ring's mid-tier video doorbell connects to Wi-Fi using 5GHz as well as the 2.4GHz band. It runs on either battery power or household current. It comes with a set of four interchangeable face plates to more closely match your house's exterior.

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus: was $230 now $159 @ Amazon (opens in new tab)
The 3's bigger sibling tosses in an extra trick: four seconds of pre-roll video before every recorded event, so you can see what happened just before the motion sensor was triggered.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro: was $250 now $169 @Amazon (opens in new tab)
Ring's premium doorbell gives you motion detection and full-color pre-roll in a very small package. It also adds customizable motion zones. You'll never have to change the batteries because the Ring Video Doorbell Pro runs on your household current. 

Ring Video Doorbell 3, Echo Show 5: was $290 now $149 @ Amazon (opens in new tab)
These two products, marked down from $290, go hand in hand, making your home truly smart. With the Ring Video Doorbell 3, you can screen visitors with a live feed of your front door. The Echo Show 5 (opens in new tab) will pull this up on screen, and you get all the other great Alexa features.

Ring security cameras

Ring also makes security cameras: the Ring Indoor Cam (list price $59.99), Ring Stick Up Cam ($99.99), Ring Stick Up Cam Elite ($199.99), Ring Spotlight Cam ($199.99) and Ring Floodlight Cam ($249.99). 

While the Indoor Cam, Stick Up Cam Elite and Floodlight Cam used wired power, the regular Stick Up Cam and Spotlight Cam have wired, battery and solar-power options.

Like the video doorbells, the Ring security cameras all feature 1080p video, two-way-talk, Wi-Fi and Alexa support.

Ring Indoor Cam: was $60 now $44 @ Amazon (opens in new tab)
The Ring Indoor Cam is the basic security camera. You've got to plug it into the wall, but it's easy to set up and connects to a 2.4-GHz Wi-Fi network.

Ring Stick Up Cam: was $100 now $79 @ Amazon (opens in new tab)
This indoor-outdoor camera comes in four versions: one runs on batteries, another plugs into a standard wall outlet, a third uses solar power and, finally, the Elite model draws power from an Ethernet cable plugged into a router.

Ring Stick Up Cam Solar: was $149 now $129 @ Best Buy (opens in new tab)
The solar-powered version of the Ring Stick Up Cam costs a bit more because it comes with an independently mounted solar panel.

Ring Spotlight Cam: was $200 now $149 @ Amazon (opens in new tab)
This outdoor model features two bright LED lamps to illuminate your front porch or back yard, plus motion-activated alerts and a siren to scare away prowlers. Like Ring's Stick Up Cam, it can run on batteries, a wall outlet or solar power.

Ring Floodlight Cam: was $250 now $189 @ Amazon (opens in new tab)
Ring's top-end outdoor security camera comes with two very bright floodlights and a siren, and lets you designate motion-detection privacy zones. It's got to be connected to your home's wiring by a professional.

Other Ring products

Ring makes more than just video doorbells and security cameras. Its solar pathlights and DIY home-security systems are also on sale, and the latter comes in several combinations to fit any size home. Both are compatible with other Ring devices, and of course with Alexa devices too.

Ring Solar Pathlight: was $35 now $24 @ Best Buy (opens in new tab)
The Ring Solar Pathlights (opens in new tab) are some of the best solar lights (opens in new tab) around. Their motion detectors can adjust brightness and trigger other Ring devices. As they're solar-powered, there's no need to change batteries. They are a bit expensive, but at $10 off their regular price, now's a good time to pick some up.

Ring Solar Steplight was $30 now $22 @ Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $7 on this solar-powered, motion-activated steplight, which makes it easier to see your walkway at night. It also integrates with other Ring products, so it can trigger a security camera to start recording. A Ring Smart Lighting Bridge ($19.99, marked down from $50 and sold separately) (opens in new tab), is also required.

Ring Smart Lighting Bridge was $50 now $19 @ Amazon (opens in new tab)
Ring has a number of smart lighting products, but in order for them to connect to your home network, you'll need the Smart Lighting Bridge, which is currently 60% off. Each bridge supports up to 50 Ring products. 

Ring Alarm 5-piece kit: was $200 now $119 @Amazon (opens in new tab)
Ring's kit is already one of our best DIY security systems (opens in new tab), and with this huge price cut, it's now one of the least expensive. You'll get a base station, a keypad, a motion sensor, an entry sensor and a range extender. Additional entry sensors are $20 each.

Ring Alarm 8-piece kit: was $250 now $149 @ Amazon (opens in new tab)
This 8-piece configuration of the Ring Alarm kit saves you $100 on the cost of buying the kit. Ring is also offering larger discounts on its  14-piece kit (was $330, now $199) (opens in new tab).

Ring Alarm kit & Video Doorbell: was $340 now $219 @ Amazon (opens in new tab)
You can also get the Ring Alarm 8-piece kit with a Ring Video Doorbell, marked down from $340, to protect your home both inside and out.

Ring Cyber Monday deals: What to look for

Amazon, Ring's owner, is offering good deals on Ring doorbells and security cameras, although some other retailers are undercutting even those numbers. When it comes to the best Ring Video Doorbell Cyber Monday deals, look for discounts of $30 or more on current or previous-generation video doorbells. 

Amazon also has a habit of bundling the Ring Video Doorbell with Alexa-enabled smart displays, such as the Amazon Echo Show 5. It's a good way to get both items on sale, and you can use the Echo Show 5 (as well as any other Amazon smart display) to view live video from the Ring doorbell, and talk with the person at your door. 

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