Quick! There’s 25% off the Helix Midnight in new year sale — plus you’ll get two free pillows

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The Helix Midnight ranks highly in our best mattress guide, thanks to its pressure absorbing memory foam that has been crafted specifically with side sleepers in mind. In what will be welcome news for anyone looking to improve their sleep in 2024, Helix has kicked off the new year with a brand new 25% off sale, bringing the price of a queen size Helix Midnight mattress down to just $999 — which matches Helix’s Black Friday sale prices.

As a hybrid, the Helix Midnight is made out of a combination of coils and memory foam, which work together to provide excellent temperature regulation, highly effective motion isolation and outstanding pressure relieving support specifically for side sleepers. It does such a good job of providing cushioning across the shoulders, hips and knees that it tops our best mattress for side sleepers guide. 

Even at full MSRP, the Helix Midnight punches way beyond its mid-range price tag, but the new 25% off sale means that prices start at just over $700 for a twin. This beats the evergreen Helix mattress sale of 20% that we’re used to seeing from Helix, and recreates savings we’re only used to seeing during major sale events. Let’s take a closer look at both the mattress and the deal. 

Helix Midnight by HelixWas from: Now from: $702.20 at Helix Sleep 

Helix Midnight by Helix
Was from: $936.30
Now from: $702.20 at Helix Sleep 

Summary: The Helix Midnight tops our best mattress for side sleepers guide, thanks to its cradling memory foam that provides pressure relieving support across the shoulders, hips and knees. Back sleepers will also appreciate the combination of the sink-in foam and medium firm support, which works to keep your spine correctly aligned. As a hybrid, the Helix Midnight contains coils which help boost the mattress’s overall breathability which, alongside the breathable knit cover, effectively regulates temperatures. However, if you sleep particularly hot, there is an option to upgrade your mattress to include a GlacioTex cooling cover that works to keep sleepers comfortably cool. During our Helix Midnight mattress review, we found that the Helix provided outstanding motion isolation, which is great news for restless sleepers and those that share a bed. In short, the Helix Midnight is a solid choice for both back and side sleepers. 

Price history: Helix’s discounts range between 20% and 25% off, with the best savings generally reserved for major sale events. Historically, Helix will also throw in either two free pillows or a free bedding bundle worth $330 with every mattress purchase. Right now, you can take 25% off the price of a Helix Midnight, which is as low as we’ve ever seen prices drop from this brand, plus you’ll get two free pillows. While the bedding bundle would translate to greater overall savings, this is still an exceptional price of a mattress of this quality, especially in between major sale events. 

Benefits: 100 night sleep trial | 10 year warranty | free shipping 

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