Malcolm McMillan

Malcolm McMillan

News Writer


Malcolm McMillan is a News Writer for Tom's Guide. In this role, he handles writing up on all the latest in tech, entertainment and gaming. That means everything from the latest iPhone rumors to major game leaks or even analysis on the biggest TV shows streaming right now. He is particularly focused on the latest phone rumors and the world of virtual reality.

Malcolm brings a diverse background, with an Associate in Art for Political Science and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Before writing for Tom's Guide, he worked several retail jobs and many Black Fridays, including a brief stint for Microsoft. While at Microsoft he specialized in Xbox and the Surface Pro lineup and was there for the launch of the first Surface Book and the tail end of the Windows Phone. Malcolm had been a fantasy football analyst for several years across multiple sites prior to working at Tom's Guide. This analyst role included a weekly podcast called The Lateral Show: A Sideways Look at Fantasy Football, which made it 100 episodes before ending.

Malcolm is very passionate about video games and sports, though both cause him to yell at the TV frequently. He proudly sports many tattoos, including an Arsenal tattoo, in honor of the team that causes him to yell at the TV the most. His wife is not a fan of the yelling, but his standard poodle Finn does not mind.

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