Intel Chipset Shootout! 945GM vs. 915GM

HD Video Playback

It is also interesting to investigate the CPU load during HD video playback with these laptops. Our test video has a resolution of 1440x1080 pixels. We used Windows Media Player 10 to play it back.

The video flickered on the older platform, though probably not because of the 915GM. But on the systems with the 945GM and a dual-core CPU, we observed much lower utilization levels in each individual CPU core. In other words, a dual-core system has enough spare computing capacity to handle additional applications without impeding the time-sensitive characteristics of video delivery. Also, the dual-core system can handle playback for videos at even higher resolutions.

The CPU load during playback of a WMV file at HDTV resolution on a Core Duo CPU.

On a Pentium M platform running at the same CPU clock rate, processor utilization doubles, since only one CPU core is available.
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